Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway
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Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway

Having trouble falling asleep? How about going on an adventure crazier than your wildest dreams? Get started with Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264, the fourth book in the Night Buddies series by Sands Hetherington. Read on to see how you could win all four books in the series!

My Review:

Full of action and surprises, Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 is a fanciful continuation of the Night Buddies series, which follows John, a boy who often stays wide awake at night, and his night buddy Crosley, a bright red crocodile wearing a bright yellow suit, as they complete exciting, energy-intensive "programs" that help John get sleepy. In this installment, the pair finds out about the iguana gang's evil plan to vandalize the city and ruin the world's one and only Pineapple Cheesecake Factory. John's home is one of their major targets too. Can John and Crosley fly around with their racing blimp covered in yucky green paint? Can they figure out a way to disable the gangsters' powerful school bus for good? Can they keep everything they treasure out of harm's way?

Funny and imaginative, the tale leads young readers into a magical world consisting of wacky characters with a unique spelling system and fancy gadgets with unthinkable functions. It teaches about friendship, teamwork, courage and creative problem-solving. It may also ignite someone's interest in technology, invention or aviation. The illustrations help bring the characters to life and make the text easier to understand. I wish they were in color as the author's descriptions frequently involve bright colors. 

The book can be enjoyed either as a stand-alone or as part of the series. Since it makes quite a few references to the previous Night Buddies books, I think the reading experience would be even better for those who are familiar with the series. A glossary of some sort might be added to provide additional information?

As an exhilarating addition to the Night Buddies series, this book would help quench the thirst for a new goofy adventure.

About the Book:

Ages 7+ | 156 Pages
Publisher: Dune Buggy Press | ISBN-13: 9780984741762

The iguanas are back to their stinky shenanigans. They’ve fitted out the flying school bus for real mischief and are marauding all over the Borough. They’ve really got it in for John and Crosley, who must sniff out their evildoings before it’s too late! Will they succeed? Join the Night Buddies in their racing blimp for this exciting new adventure!

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About the Author:

Sands Hetherington, creator of the Night Buddies series of chapter books, credits his son John for being his principal motivator. Sands and young John developed the Crosley crocodile character in the series during months of bedtime story give-and-take. They collaborated many nights on escapades starring John and Crosley until, eventually, it occurred to Sands why it was that Crosley was bright red. That was when the first book came together.

Sands majored in history at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and has an M.F.A. in creative writing and an M.A. in English from UNC-Greensboro. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

For more information, visit: Website | Facebook | X/Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok | Pinterest

About the Illustrator:

Natalie Leininger, illustrator of the 4th title in the Night Buddies series, grew up in New Jersey and has been drawing ever since she was young. She now lives in Nebraska and attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying the fine arts. She is in her third year at the university, primarily practicing oil painting, but spends time outside of the classroom working on a variety of projects. She has always enjoyed being with children, which made illustrating and working on Night Buddies such an enjoyable project!

Natalie strives to capture our world in bloom. Whether it be through the literal sense of a blooming flower or the simple act of sketching a character’s smile spreading across their face, her art is a place for all to engage in their own way.

One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive an autographed 4-book series, including Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare; Night Buddies and One Far-out Flying Machine; Night Buddies Go Sky High, and Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264!

Four additional winners will each receive a signed copy of Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264!

Giveaway ends 4/4. Open to US only. Please submit your entries below. Good luck!

Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264: Book Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sands Hetherington. All views and opinions expressed are my own. icefairy's Treasure Chest is not responsible for winner selection or prize fulfillment.

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