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CedarLane Egg White Omelette Variety Pack Review & Giveaway

A wholesome breakfast is crucial for starting the day off right. But school day mornings can be hectic and there's not always enough time to cook from scratch. CedarLane Natural Foods helps busy parents solve the problem with their microwaveable Egg White Omelettes, ready in 4 minutes!

The Egg White Omelettes are available in four flavors: Green Chile, Cheese & Ranchero Sauce, Garden Vegetable & Mozzarella, Uncured Turkey Bacon and Spinach and Mushroom. After sampling all four varieties, I decided that Garden Vegetable & Mozzarella is my favorite, followed by Spinach and Mushroom.

The omelette is very easy to prepare. Just microwave for 4 minutes and you are good to eat. I love that it comes in a carton container, instead of a plastic one. The egg white is very tenderly cooked and the fillings are delicious, featuring a nice mixture of all natural ingredients. It has great quality that you can see and taste.

Paw Patrol and Blaze Limited Edition Gift Sets Giveaway {Movie Night Giveaway Hop}

Two of Nickelodeon's most popular shows, Paw Patrol and Blaze, are returning to DVD on 2/28 with fun gift sets that fans won't want to miss! Paw Patrol is the number-one kids' TV on DVD franchise. The pups make their heroic return to DVD with this gift set that includes the Paw Patrol Itty Bitty Kitty book. Fans will join their favorite four-legged heroes on high-stakes adventures as they protect the community of Adventure Bay. The DVD includes five episodes full of heroic rescues and challenges, as well as laughter and fun. Suggested retail price: $16.99

Episode List:

  • Pups Save the Sea Turtles/ Pups and the Very Big Baby
  • Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe/ Pups Save a Train
  • Pup Pup Boogie/ Pups in a Fog
  • Pup Pup Goose/ Pup Pup and Away
  • Pups Save the Circus/ Pup a Doodle Do

Race into action with Blaze and The Monster Machines: Blaze of Glory, Nickelodeon's original DVD release of the hit preschool series. This gift set includes a DVD of the Blaze mini-movie and a bonus episode, plus a resized Blaze Mighty Monster Machines book. Fans can join Blaze and AJ on super-charged STEM adventures as they try to beat their rival Crusher. Suggested retail price: $16.99

Episode List:
Blaze of Glory
Driving Force

If You Were Me And Lived On … Mars Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway #IfYouWereMeAndLivedIn

After showing them around the world, award-winning author Carole P. Roman decides to take her young readers on a fun adventure into outer space in If You Were Me And Lived On … Mars, the latest addition to the If You Were Me And Lived On series. The recent technological advances allow us to know Mars in greater depth and detail. How much do you know about Mars? Why is it also called the Red Planet? How could you travel to Mars? What would you need to live on the planet? What are the similarities and differences between Mars and Earth? You can find answers to all these questions in If You Were Me And Lived On … Mars. While traveling to Mars is not feasible for everyone, this small but highly informative book will take you on an imaginative tour around Mars to discover lots of fun facts about the Red Planet.

Space adventure is a fascinating topic for both kids and adults. Not only did my sons enjoy reading Carole's new book, I also learned from it many things I didn't know about Mars, such as the different climates in the northern and southern hemispheres, and the two moons of Mars. Like all the other books in the series, this book provides pronunciation guide for words that might be unfamiliar to young readers. In addition, it explains space science jargons in kid-friendly language. The cute and colorful illustrations are a great complement to the text, making it easy for younger kids to follow through the contents. If You Were Me And Lived On … Mars is a worthy and educational read for inquisitive children and their parents. It's a perfect introductory book on Mars. I'd highly recommend it to readers of all ages!

About the Book:

Written by Carole P. Roman
Illustrated by Mateya Arkova

Join Carole P. Roman when she blasts off to colonize the planet Mars, in the newest book of her informative series. Learn about how life would be living on the Red Planet. Travel to Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system. Look into the sky and watch Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ two moons. Discover what you would wear, and how the seasons change. See Mars through the eyes of an adventurous youngster like you and understand what life is like in a trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget to look at the other books in the series so that you can be an armchair traveler.

Ages 4-8 | CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | 2017 | 978-1540869722

Purchase your own copy on Amazon

$50 Cash or Gift Card of Choice Giveaway

In celebration of the upcoming St Patrick's Day, Southern Mom Loves is hosting her 2nd annual Luck of the Irish giveaway! The winner will to get to choose between $50 cash paid via PayPal or a $50 e-gift card to their favorite store. Could that be you? You must be in it to win it. Start entering today and complete daily entries to maximize your chances of winning!

Hosted by: Southern Mom Loves

One lucky person will win choice of $50 PayPal cash or a $50 eGift Card!
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