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Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank Review & Giveaway {Holiday HOHOHO Giveaway Hop}

Have you ever felt frustrated when your laptop computer failed to function due to low battery power, before you could back up the important file you'd been working on, or right in the middle of an online meeting or presentation? You could have been saved from troubles like this if you own a power bank. Wouldn't it be better if the power bank can charge your laptop and smartphone at the same time? This is what exactly Eggtronic's power bank is capable of doing.

Eggtronic has kindly gifted me a power bank for review. First of all, I'm very impressed by its sleek and stylish design. Compact, lightweight, and highly portable, it can easily fit in a lady's purse. Its waterproof linen canvas cover not only gives the product an elegant look, but also adds to its safety and durablity. I'm really pleased with it multi-port charging capacity and how fast it gets a device fully charged. It even comes with a LCD display to show how much battery life is left. I also love that it includes built-in smart device protection to avoid over-charging. It's a very handy gadget to use for travel or business, making sure that you stay connected at all times. 

Here's summary of the product features:  

  • Multi-Device Backup Power: 20,000mAh backup battery with 63W total output over three ports (45W USB-C PD, 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, 5W USB-A 2.4A) can charge 3 devices simultaneously. The generous capacity makes for 4-8 charges for smartphone, 3-5 charges for tablet or 1.5 charges for laptop. 
  • Ultra-Fast: Fast charge your MacBook and other fast charge compatible devices. The two high power fast charge ports (USB-C Power Delivery and USB-A Quick Charge 3.0) deliver power at 2x the speed.  
  • Universal USB-C/USB-A Compatibility: Charge all your USB and USB-C devices on the go. Automatic device detection ensures your devices will always charge safely and efficiently. 
  • Stylish and Practical Design: Slim and portable profile, covered in soft waterproof linen canvas and a soft touch frame. The LCD display shows the remaining battery life at a glance. 
  • Package Includes: Laptop Power Bank, USB-C to USB-C cable (3ft/0.91m), USB-C to USB-A adapter tip, user manual. Designed in Italy. 
The Giveaway

Eggtronic has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers a Laptop Power Bank with Canvas Cover (ARV $59.99)! It'd be perfect for personal use or as a holiday gift. Please enter below and good luck!

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Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own. icefairy's Treasure Chest is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

This is the Earth Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

This is the Earth is an award-winning picture book written by Deedee Cummings, who is also the author of In the Nick of Time. You may read my review of In the Nick of Time here.

About the Book:

Title: This Is The Earth by Deedee Cummings/illustrated by Charlene Mosley
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 32 pages
Genre: Children/ Holiday
Publisher: Make A Way Media
Release date: April 2019
Content Rating: G. Children's Holiday Book.

A recent Purple Dragonfly Award First Place winner, Cummings uses bold and bright illustrations in This is the Earth to share a message of peace, love, respect, compassion, inclusion. Published in early 2019, the book’s message bears repeating: peace is meant for all of us and it is everyone’s responsibility to care for each other like the united family that we really are. This exceptional and timely book shares the reality that we are all sharing this world that we call home instead of acting as though each continent, each, country, and each neighborhood is like a completely different planet. Within the pages of This is the Earth, readers will discover thought and conversation-invoking concepts on issues and struggles that has our world at odds with each other. Kids and adults will love the lyrical message and thoughtful artwork that reinforces the fact that every human being is our neighbor on Planet Earth; a place also known as Home.

My Review:

This is the Earth is a simple but sweet read, with compelling messages that are relevant to everyone on the planet. By featuring children who are different in gender, race, physical condition, cultural background and living environment, the book promotes the idea of a global village, where people, despite their differences, respect one another, make an effort to understand others' feelings and way of thinking, and share the living space peacefully like neighbors in the same community.

The colorful and widely imaginative illustrations are eye-catching and engaging. The heart-warming details in the pictures add interesting contents to the story while greatly enhancing the theme of the book. For instance, the differences in the characters are primarily shown through the illustrations, including their way of living, their physcial characteristics and how they interact with one another. The pictures also suggest that the children help take care of those in need and try to protect the environment.

As a bonus feature, the book includes a section of inspirational quotes from historical figures like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa and John F. Kennedy, along with a great list of questions that call for more in-depth thinking and discussion about peace, love, kindness, empathy, acceptance and inclusion. Besides, the book's clear emphasis on respect for diversity and equality is especailly meaningful during this unusal time. Although this is a children's book, its messages may apply to readers of all ages. Pick up a copy and get ready to be inspired.

Order your copy on Amazon | Make a Way Media.


One-Minute Monologues for Teens Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

To help aspiring young actors sharpen their acting skills and excel in any upcoming audition, well-established actor and actiong coach Mike Kimmel puts together a collection of brilliantly written monologues in his new book One-Minute Monologues for Teens: 100 Original Monologues. Learn more about the book and enter to win a nice prize pack from the author.

My Review

As its title suggests, the book includes 100 original monologues written specifically for teenagers. Most of the monologues are composed of 150-160 words each, which amount to about one minute of performance time on stage or screen. While I have no expertise on acting, I absolutely love the words of wisdom and uplifting messages that stand out from each page of the book!

Written in an informal, conversational style, the sentences are reasonably short and easy to memorize. The contents of each piece are not only age appropriate but are also up to date and highly relevant to real-life situations experienced by teens. My teenage boy finds many of the topics covered in the book to be interesting and relatable, such as screen time addiction, social media usage, procrastination, anger management, peer pressure, etc.

The monologues are clearly written with different personalities and social roles in mind. When reading a monologue, I feel like becoming a teenager with a particular way of thinking and reasoning as mandated by the scripts. The experience helps me look at the world from a teen's perspective.

My favorite thing about this book has to be the positivity that runs through the lines. It's filled with valuable life lessons that encourage young people to use their time and resources wisely, to strive for the best, to strengthen self-discipline and willpower, not to follow suit and not to be afraid to make mistakes. It's a book worth reading repeatedly even if you have no intention to enter the entertainment industry. It's simply an enlightening read for youth and adults alike. I highly recommend it!

About the Book:

Need a killer monologue for an audition? Discover a wealth of fresh options in this detailed tome

Sick of the same scripts being done to death? Looking for a soliloquy relevant to teenagers? Seeking material with a positive spin? Full voting member of the National Television Academy and Tonight Show sketch performer Mike Kimmel has been writing, acting, and producing for decades. Now he’s here to share a curated collection of one hundred of the best comedy and drama monologues.

One-Minute Monologues for Teens is the ultimate volume of family-friendly stage material to help you nail that college drama program audition or class assignment. With a range of topics applicable to young actors, these pieces require no costumes or props, and discuss ethical questions perfect for middle- and high-school minds to explore. And with literally dozens of gender-neutral and unique scenes to choose from, you’ll find the right piece to take you from zero to callback in no time at all.

One-Minute Monologues for Teens is the dramatic arts advantage you need in your next live performance. If you like fresh material, optimistic spins, and challenging ideas, you’ll love Mike Kimmel’s definitive resource.

Ages 13+ | Publisher: Ben Rose Creative Arts | ISBN-13: 978-0998151380

Order you copy on Amazon | Bookshop

In the Nick of Time Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

What comes to mind when you think about the holiday season? Shopping, decorating, feasting, family gathering...what's more? In her picture book In the Nick of Time, author Deedee Cummings encourages young readers to honor the true holiday spirit of giving and generosity. Learn more about the book and enter to win a fantastic prize pack in time for the holidays!

About the Book:

Title: In the Nick of Time by Deedee Cummings/illustrated by Charlene Mosley
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 28 pages
Genre: Children/ Holiday
Publisher: Make A Way Media
Release date: November 2019
Content Rating: G. Children's Holiday Book.

A Timely Tale about a Little Brown Boy who Saves Christmas. Nick Saint never really put a lot of thought into his name until one snowy day in December when he accidentally receives a letter meant for Saint Nick. Realizing there is not much time left until Christmas, Nick opens the letter. The unexpected message inside ultimately leads him on a journey of understanding poverty, gratitude, and service to others while discovering the real meaning of the holiday spirit.

My Review:

In the Nick of Time tells a short but inspiring story that not only teaches about important social values, but also helps children understand some of the not-so-pleasant parts of reality. Nick, a game enthusiast who used to care only about getting his new game, starts to realize that not every child is as lucky as he is to live in affluence, after reading his schoolmate Cooper's letter to Santa. Cooper's mom is unemployed and their family have to live in shelter.

Nick kindly gifts Cooper one of his favorite video games but is shocked to learn that Cooper doesn't even own a game console. With the help of his parents and of the school authorities, Nick manages to fulfill Cooper's selfless Christmas wishes by organizing a job fair and a toy drive for all the families in need at their school. Nick becomes more grateful for all that he used to take for granted, and he also learns to show appreciation for the mailman's hard work. All his acts of kindness get rewarded with a praise letter from Santa!

The story is very heartwarming, delivering strong, positive messages about kindness, giving, sharing, and showing gratitude. The illustrations help portray the main characters' personalities by amplifying their facial expressions when thinking, speaking, or taking actions. The book is a great choice as a meaningful, educational read around Christmas time.

Order your copy on Amazon | Make a Way Media.


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