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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Cottonelle Bathroom Routine for the New Season + Exclusive #Coupon! #LetsTalkBums #Sponsored

The change of seasons often signals the time for change in many aspects of our daily life, including the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the skincare products we use, the home decor we choose, and more. This fall Cottonelle invites us to adopt a new bathroom routine consisting of their revolutionary duo of flushable cleansing cloths and clean care bathroom tissue. Not only does Cottonelle encourage us to try out this "wet+dry" system that cleans significantly better than toilet paper alone, the brand also helps us break the ice and speak more openly about how we can keep our bums clean and comfortable, a subject often considered taboo in our conversations with someone other than our family and close friends.

I'm not sure about you, but I will feel ill at ease without the confidence that my bum is completely clean. So I don't mind at all any extra step in my bathroom routine that will help me achieve 100 percent cleanliness. Knowing that Rite aid is offering an exclusive $1 off coupon for Cottonelle products, I went to my local branch to hunt for my new bathroom buddies. Right they are on the store shelves with a big note reminding consumers about the extra savings. You can also download the coupon here after watching a funny short video starring Cottonelle's celebrity brand ambassador Cherry Healey.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Boost Your Business with How It Works Media (Special Offer Inside)

A product has been launched. You are given two options to learn more about it - a 400-word article or a 90-second video. Which would you choose? No doubt most people would choose the latter as it is more straightforward, easier to comprehend with both audio and visual aids, and doesn't take as much time. But not all videos are created equal. Some go viral at lightening speed while others get buried under tons of new videos being uploaded on the web every day. How can businesses make sure their videos will put their products into the best light possible? They may turn to How It Works Media - the expert in "explainer videos", which will help your product get noticed and remembered.

Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain a company's product or service. A well-made explainer video can significantly help the company educate consumers, raise brand awareness, generate social buzz, improve content-based SEO, etc. They are a powerful tool for small businesses, startups and even bloggers looking to increase the number of quality leads, conversation rates, and more.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Win Fab Fashion Prizes from Freeway App: Louboutin Shoes, Tag Huer Watches, Vera Wang Dresses & More! #Giveaway

I know many of you share my passion for free giveaways. They are a fun, exciting, and sometimes rewarding way to spend our spare time. I was recently introduced to Freeway, a FREE mobile app that allows you to discover and win cool new products while on the go! Over $50,000 worth of free products have been given away since the app's official launch in July, 2014! I strongly recommend you to join its 20,000 users now because you could win such high-value fashion prizes like Tag Huer watches and Louboutin shoes starting early next week.

As long as you are over 17 years old, have a compatible mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch or Android Smartphone) and a valid phone number, you are good to go. Simple download the app on Apple AppStore or GooglePlay, and use your phone number to create a free account. Each day after logging in, you will receive 100 free points that you can use to play the digital scratch-off games for a chance to win the products you like. You can learn more about each featured product by clicking on the "i" icon on the upper right.

There are 15 giveaways going on right now. Prizes include high tech electronics, fitness gear, organic skincare, fashion accessories and more! You can browse them by category or just view them one by one as a slide show. Points needed for each game varies by the prize value. You can instantly find out if you win and you can play the same game over and over again as long as you have enough points.

Try UrbanQuest: Scavenger Hunt for the Entire Family

Have you heard of UrbanQuest? It is an interactive treasure hunt that your whole family can enjoy! A growing number of families are trying out UrbanQuest and loving the unique experience. And you can jump in the fun at 20% off regular price!

You can choose from a variety of Quests, download the clue package online and start the Quest whenever you'd like. Then families use their smarts, resourcefulness, and printed clue packages to explore parts of their city. A series of puzzles have been set-up that families need to solve. Once you have the correct final answer, enter it online to find out the final destination of their Quest: a mystery restaurant where a reservation has already been made for your group. There are lots of interesting factoids along the way so everyone gets to learn something new. Teams can also opt out of the meal portion and just try to beat the 2 hour countdown.

Register at with code Family20 and you will receive 20% off your next Family Fun Adventure!

UrbanQuest is currently available in the following cities:

District of Columbia
Los Angeles
New York
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington DC
West Palm Beach

Disclosure: I will receive a free Family Fun adventure to facilitate my posting. No monetary exchange took place.

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