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Long & Tall Puzzle ABC Caterpillar Review & Giveaway {Be The Change Giveaway Hop}

Have you got a little one who loves to solve jigsaw puzzles? How about a puzzle that measures 5 feet long when it's completed? The Learning Journey has recently launched a new line of Long & Tall Puzzles that teach letters and numbers through fun objects like a rocket ship or a caterpillar.

My kids and I had the pleasure of playing with the Long & Tall Puzzle - ABC Caterpillar that The Learning Journey kindly provided for review. Designed for children aged 3 years and up, the puzzle consists of 51 jumbo sized pieces, each bigger than my palm. The pieces are very sturdy and easy for little hands to pick up and play with. The rich colors and cute images are very attractive to young children, who love animals and other elements of nature. While the puzzle is huge when the pieces fit together, it doesn't take up a lot of space for storage, for it comes with a nice and strong box to keep all the pieces in. The box even includes a handle that makes it easy to carry the puzzle around. It makes a ready-to-use gift box too!

Besides its visual appeal, the puzzle offers quite a few educational benefits as well. It not only helps kids learn the alphabet but also get them familiar with objects with the same beginning sound of each letter. The little ones can sharpen their fine motor skills, improve hand and eye coordination, and practice problem-solving and logical thinking as they try to figure out how to put the pieces together. The puzzle also provides a fun way to promote focus and patience while keeping the player engaged for hours. Long & Tall Puzzle - ABC Caterpillar is now available for purchase from The Learning Journey for $14.99.

The Great American Read Blog Tour: Dover Publications Prize Pack Giveaway

PBS has recently launched a new series named The Great American Read. Hosted by television personality and journalist Meredith Vieira, the 8-episode documentary celebrates America’s 100 best-loved novels. Dover publishes a wide variety of these essential works as Thrift Editions, Evergreen Classics, deluxe hardcover Calla Editions™, and other affordable formats for readers of all ages. Enter to win all of the following books, including a set of 7 titles from the Great American Read list!

About the Books:

All of the books listed below are available here.

Alice in Wonderland
Written by Lewis Carroll

One adventure follows another in this delightful tale as Alice changes size unexpectedly, attends a tea party given by the March Hare, visits a garden of talking flowers, and acts as witness at the trial of a thief who has stolen some tarts. Along the way, she meets such unforgettable characters as the Mad Hatter, the grinning Cheshire Cat, the tearful Mock Turtle, the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, the autocratic Red Queen, and other fanciful folk.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the world’s most-beloved works of fiction, charming children and adults alike with Alice’s adventures and Carroll’s audacious puns and wordplay — but at the same time it is a clever satire, lampooning Victorian education, literature, and politics. Now this enchanting fantasy, enhanced with all 42 original illustrations by John Tenniel, is ready to charm readers of all ages in this unabridged Evergreen Classics edition.

Anne Of Green Gables
Written by L. M. Montgomery

Life is forever changed at Green Gables, a tranquil farm on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, with the arrival of a redheaded chatterbox named Anne. The spirited, precocious 11-year-old orphan finds “scope for imagination” everywhere she looks, transforming the lives of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, her elderly guardians, with her merry doings and misadventures. Anne — spelled with an “e,” as she gravely informs new acquaintances — builds a world of enchantment around Green Gables and its surrounding woodlands, lakes, and valleys. Thanks to the freckle-faced girl’s imaginative musings, the rustic region’s natural wonders blossom into a fairyland of endless romance. Anne’s inspired prattle, goodwill, and joie de vivre win her a warm circle of friends, just as they have won the hearts of readers around the world.

Since its first appearance in 1908, the novel has led generations of children to laugh and cry — but mostly laugh — along with this beloved story’s vivacious heroine. Now this inexpensive edition, complete and unabridged, introduces new readers to the ageless charm of a fanciful world made real by love and friendship. The inspiration for 2016 PBS movie and the 2017 CBC/Netflix Anne mini-series.

Reprint of a standard edition.

Little Women
Written by Louisa May Alcott

This American classic is as fresh and meaningful today as it was when it was first written in the 19th century. Largely based on the author’s own childhood, Little Women is a timeless tale of the four young March sisters — Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy — who grow to maturity in their mother’s tender but strong care. As different in their personalities as they are alike in their devotion to each other, the girls vow to support their beloved mother, Marmee, by behaving their best while Father is away, serving as an army chaplain in the Civil War.

Literary-minded tomboy Jo develops a fast friendship with the boy next door, and pretty Meg, the eldest, finds romance; frail and affectionate Beth fills the house with music, and little Amy, the youngest, seeks beauty with all the longing of an artist’s soul. Although poor in material wealth, the family possesses an abundance of love, friendship, and imaginative gifts that captivate readers time and again.

This inexpensive, complete and unabridged edition of this beloved novel is sure to delight a generation of new readers, as well as those reacquainting themselves with its warmth and charm.

Reprint of a standard edition. This classic was the inspiration for the May 2018 PBS three-part adaptation.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
Written by Mark Twain

Like most boys, Tom Sawyer would rather play hooky than go to school. But Tom’s lively imagination and thirst for adventure lead him into the most extraordinary situations, from a search for buried treasure to the accidental witness of a murder in a graveyard. All of his exploits — tricking his pals into whitewashing a fence, sharing his medicine with the family cat, disrupting a church service with a pinching insect — are flavored with the humor for which his creator, Mark Twain, is justly famed.

In writing this great American classic, Twain drew upon his own memories of life in a small Missouri town before the Civil War. Since the book’s 1876 publication, generations of readers of all ages have laughed at Tom’s hijinks and taken him into their hearts, along with Huckleberry Finn, Becky Thatcher, Aunt Polly, and other memorable characters. This new Dover Evergreen Classics edition offers a fresh introduction to the lovable scamp and the enduring joys of his escapades.

$25 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway {Fantastic Father Giveaway Hop}

June is here, which means the countdown to Father's Day has begun! Let's celebrate the fantastic father in your life with some nice gifts. How does a gift card to your dad's favorite store sound?

I have the pleasure of giving away a $25 Best Buy Gift Card to one dad who is into technology and electronics! Not sure how to spend the gift card if you win? Best Buy has put together some great Father's Day gift ideas. You may want to take a look for inspiration.

Catalina and the King's Wall Blog Tour: Review & $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Do you have a child who loves to cook or bake? Then she may find Catalina and the King's Wall particularly interesting. Catalina and the King's Wall is a children's picture book written by Patty Costello and illustrated by Diane Cojocaru. I'm happy to host the blog tour coordinated by BeachBoundBooks, share what I think about the book, and offer you the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash!

About the Book

Title: Catalina and the King's Wall
Author: Patricia Costello
Illustrated by: Diane Cojocaru
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Number of Pages: 32 
Publisher: Eifrig Publishing
Publication Date: May 5, 2018
Summary: One day Catalina overhears the king planning to build a wall and fears her family will never be able to visit. Catalina tricks the king into building walls that droop, drip, swirl, and swoosh away. But now the king demands a wall that will outlast even a Twinkie. Luckily, Catalina has the perfect ingredients to bake up a family reunion!

Available on Amazon & Eifrig Publishing
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