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$150 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

A group of bloggers have teamed up to bring you the chance to win a $150 Visa gift card. The winner will get to spend it any way they like wherever Visa cards are accepted. Be sure to enter daily for better chances of winning!

One lucky person will win a $150 Visa gift card!

Sunny Spring Days Prize Pack Giveaway

Is spring in full swing in your hometown? We've definitely got more warm sunshine here in SoCal. Let's celebrate the beautiful season of spring with an awesome giveaway, brought to you by Mommy Scene! Prizes include 7 fun products for babies and kids. Enter to win them ALL!

Sunny Spring Days - Sunny Spring Days Giveaway

Here's the list of sponsors and the prizes they provide:

Charlie Banana One Size Diaper Twitter Bird - Sunny Spring Days Giveaway

Charlie Banana Diapers

Prize: Charlie Banana One Size Diaper Twitter Bird & Deluxe Inserts

The Charlie Banana reusable diapering system is innovative and Eco-friendly; each set includes 1 cloth diaper and 2 highly absorbent, reusable, washable inserts. The sizable safe-snap system allows the one-size diaper to grow with your baby. Highly absorbent inserts make these cloth diapers great for both daily and overnight use. Learn more at

Scrub Bugs hand scrubbers - Sunny Spring Days Giveaway

Scrub Bugs

Prize: 2 Scrub Bugs Hand Scrubbers

Scrub Bugs are the 1st surgeon inspired hand scrubbers for kids. They are proven to clean hands over 3X better than ordinary handwashing.  Cleaner Hands, Healthier Kids - More Fun! Learn more at

Theragrow Hair Regrowth Helmet Giveaway (ARV $495) {Spring For Giveaways Giveaway Hop}

If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, you are not alone. The good news is: Theragrow now offers a discreet FDA cleared at-home treatment designed specifically for women who suffer from hair loss. The Theragrow™ helmet harnesses the power of laser light to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. It delivers the same precise wavelength and dosage of energy proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and effectively regrow hair.

Only lasers with a wavelength between 670 and 686 nanometers can penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles and stimulate growth; a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters. No other light source, including devices using LED light, can achieve this.

By treating the base of hair follicles, Theragrow's proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria - the energy generator of hair cells - is reactivated. The mitochondria then produce cell energy that is absorbed by hair follicles stimulating new hair growth.

More than half of women experience significant hair loss by age 50, but the process begins much earlier. Topical medications work for less than half of the women who try them and most women are not candidates for hair transplants.

Church’s Chicken Seasonal Seafood Menu & $100 Prize Pack Giveaway {OMG Giveaway Hop}

Happy St. Patrick's Day! As some of you may know, the Lenten Season has begun. Church’s Chicken is bringing back some of their most popular Lent-friendly seafood menu options now through April 23rd, including their tender, golden brown Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp, and hand-battered Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish, featuring flaky white fish fillets, fried up golden brown and finished with the perfect blend of zesty lemon herb seasoning. Also back for a limited time are Hush Puppy Biscuit Bites, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside hush puppies made from Church’s signature biscuit dough.

Church's seafood meal options include the choice of 8 Lemon-Seasoned Butterfly Shrimp or 2 Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish Fillets paired with 5 Hush Puppy Biscuit Bites, starting at just $3.49. Wanna treat your entire family to a yummy feast at Church's Chicken? Then ask for the Family Fish Fry, which includes 8 Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish Filets, Large Fries & Cole Slaw, 20 Hush Puppy Biscuit Bites, and a Half Gallon of Church’s Southern Sweet Tea.

Church’s Chicken has a 65-year history rooted in “scratch-making, hand-battering, and honey-butter-drizzling” – in essence, a history of absolute quality. Religious or not, seafood lovers across the nation can enjoy these delicious, limited-time offerings!
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