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Space Baby Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway (10 Winners)

There are so many fun things to do and explore that young kids might find it hard to put themselves to sleep at night. Parents may experiment with something creative and customized to their child's interest, like what the dad does in Space Baby. Read about Jay Dee's new picture book and enter to win a signed copy, along with a $250 donation made in your name to The Planetary Society and its mission to increase discoveries in our Solar System, elevate the search for life beyond our planet, and decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid!

My Review:

Space Baby is a sweet and soothing bedtime story that brilliantly weaves the theme of love and family into a spectacular space adventure. Angelic is reluctant to go to bed because she wants to waste no time in learning more about outer space. She decides to take her baby brother on a space mission and conduct the Love Test that Dad tells her about along the way. Will she confirm that Dad's love is indeed all over the universe? Will she succeed in spreading her love for her brother to the stars, the planets, the meteors, the satellites, and beyond?

Besides its original story idea, the book stands out with its expressive and dynamic illustrations, which not only exhibit the tremendous charm of outer space but also fill in a great many details not covered in the text to make the characters more vivid and relatable. The engaging conversations and stunning graphics combine to spark the reader's interest in space science, while expanding their space-related knowledge and vocabulary with visual aids. Moreover, the story encourages young children to believe in love, feel love and express love, the kind of love that keeps a family together no matter where each member goes.

Imaginative and intriguing, the book will no doubt appeal to little ones who are passionate about space exploration as well as those who love action and adventure.

About the Book:

Ages 3+ | 32 Pages
Publisher: Kraine Kreative | ISBN-13: 9781777426118

When Angelic hears that Daddy spread his love for her around the whole universe, she worries she hasn’t done the same for her baby brother. Only one thing to do! Brother and sister rocket into the night sky to explore the universe in search of the most awesome thing there. “Space Baby Salute!”

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Dog Park Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway

We know an ambassador as someone who represents a country, an organization or a brand. But what does a dog park ambassador do? What does it take to become one? Let's learn all about this honorable position in Kathryn Kazoleas' middle grade chapter book Dog Park. Enter to win a prize pack including signed copies of both Dog Park and its sequel Dog Daycare!

My Review:

Written from a dog's point of view, Dog Park is an amusing short story that centers around a labradoodle named Gibson. Gibson is eager to become a dog park ambassador, who is expected to keep the community in order and make everyone (humans included) feel welcomed. On her first training day however, Gibson's excitement soon gets replaced by embarrassment, for she finds it impossible to please the puppies or to suppress her instinct to catch a ball. Just as she is almost convinced that she's not quite ambassador material, she plunges herself into an emergency rescue mission, followed by an overnight adventure in the woods inhabited by aggressive bobcats.

Luckily, these challenges turn into opportunities for Gibson to practice her ambassador skills, including taking care of a naughty, restless, inquisitive puppy. As she finds her way back to the dog park, her confidence finds its way back to her.

Through Gibson's thoughts, actions and observations, the story brings to life a bunch of endearing canine characters, each with a set of distinct traits. Gibson is a bit uptight at times, but she is also kind, brave, smart, prudent and has a strong sense of responsibility. Gibson's best friend Stretch is funny, supportive, optimistic, and dependable. Who wouldn't want a friend like that?

Their story exemplifies the incredible power of friendship and teamwork. It inspires us to be a hero, a leader, and a problem-solver. The book also teaches about fun facts regarding different dog breeds. Did you know that bulldogs can't swim? Animal lovers, especially dog lovers, wouldn't want to miss this fast and entertaining read.

About the Book:

Ages 6+ | 116 Pages
Publisher: Kathryn Kazoleas | ISBN-13: 9781777426118

Gibson the Labradoodle is about to begin her first day of training to become a dog park ambassador, something she has been dreaming about her entire life. Dog park ambassadors hold a very high honor within the dog park community and have many important roles to make sure the dog park is a fun and safe place to be. She has so many great ideas and cannot wait to get started.

While Gibson is training alongside lead ambassador and trainer, Meistro the bulldog, things don’t go as planned. Gibson meets challenge after challenge and isn’t allowed to introduce any of her new ideas. Being a dog park ambassador isn’t what she thought it would be, so she starts to question whether the role is really for her. At the end of her very first training shift, and just as she’s about to give up and tell Meistro she isn’t cut out to be a dog park ambassador after all, there’s an emergency at the river. One of the dog park’s new puppies, Clover, has swum too far out and cannot get back to shore.

Gibson’s best friend and greatest supporter, Stretch the dachshund, convinces her she must help. Gibson springs into action, with Stretch at her side and encouraging her the entire time. Gibson saves the day…almost! Having been swept downstream and far away from the dog park, Gibson is forced to lead the trio back to safety. There’s only one way back through a dark forest with strange sounds and smells. The sun is starting to go down and everybody is tired and scared. But Gibson knows she has to get her friends back home, despite what or who gets in her way.

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Lulu and Malek Sail Off to Sea! Blog Tour: Review and Win a Prize Pack!

What would it be like for two land animals to visit their friends in the ocean? Find that out in Lulu and Malek Sail Off to Sea!, coauthored by June Foster and Rob Scheer. Learn about this fun read and enter to win a signed copy, along with a $100 American Express gift card!

About the Book:

Book Title: Lulu and Malek Sail Off to Sea! by June Foster and Rob Scheer
Category: Children's Fiction (ages 3 to 7), 32 pages
Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
Release date: August 23, 2022
Tour dates: Jan 9 to Jan 27, 2023
Content Rating: G. The book is designed for children between 3-7 years of age.

Adventurous friends Lulu and Malek make fantastic discoveries, take care of our planet, and meet new friends as they explore the wonders of the world under the sea. With vibrant illustrations and endearing characters, this fun-to-read rhyming book is sure to be a children's favorite that they will want to read over and over again! Add this fun-filled and inspiring book to your home or class library! It will be enjoyed by children who love adventure, a good laugh, and want to learn more about the sea and conservation.

My Review:

Lulu and Malek Sail Off to Sea! is a beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book that follows Lulu and Malek's delightful adventure under the sea. Best friends since birth, Lulu and Malek love to explore the earth together. On this fantastic sunny day, they set off for a meetup with their blue whale friend Semira, who gives them an exhilirating ride on the sea and a fascinating tour down under. Not only are they introduced to tons of new friends, they also engage in such good deeds as picking up trash along the beach and rescuing a fish from a net. Their fun trip culminates in a surprise awaiting them up in the sky.

Adorable characters, bright colors, muscial rhymes and an action-packed adventure work wonderfully together in this terrific tale of friendship, kindness, and love for nature. Along with Lulu and Malek, young readers get to know a variety of wild animals on land, in the ocean and in the air. Through vivid and colorful images, children learn to appreciate the beauty and harmony of nature. They may also follow the lead of their beloved animal friends to protect the environment from harmful activities. Whether read aloud or read along, this book would be very much enjoyed by little animal lovers and nature enthusiasts.

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