A Little Spark Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway
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A Little Spark Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway

A little spark might be all that we need to make life more meaningful and exciting, as suggested by Chris Parsons' illustrated chapter book A Little Spark. How can you find your spark in life? Get inspired by this hearwarming story and enter to win a fun prize pack!

My Review

A Little Spark is a delightful read featuring kid-friendly language, intriguing characters, colorful illustrations, and various interactive features. Set in a hierarchical animal world consisting of "Supervisors", "Providers" and "Streeters", the story follows the adventure of a Streeter mouse named Spark, who volunteers to search for a way to help Daniel the Dragon regain his magical power of breathing fire, the only source of heat for their beloved hometown. During his journey, not only has Spark developed an unusual friendship with Provider Veen, but he also encounters his lifetime sweetheart Rosie, who is no less brave or smart than Spark. More significantly, the success of their rescue mission prompts the "Supervisors" to abandon their original system and establish a new society based on equality.

With a good mix of action, adventure and fantasy, the book delivers a great number of positive messages to young readers. For instance, the experience of Spark encourages us to dream big, to be more confident, and to be ready to help out those in need. It also demonstrates the power of friendship, teamwork, courage and knowledge. The initial interaction between Spark and Rosie shows us how effective communication could help clear up a misunderstanding, while Oliver the Owl's final success tells us that everyone deserves a second chance.

Besides its action-packed story, A Little Spark comes with quite a few interactive features. My favorites are the funny, cheerful, or uplifting songs that help bring all the characters to life. Simply scan the QR codes in the book to access those original songs, as well as fun messages from the characters, and even a photo shoot with your favorite character!

About the Book

Written by Chris Parsons

Illustrated by Mike Motz

When the survival of their hometown is threatened, two unlikely comrades join forces on a quest to defeat a dangerous enemy and bring back the only one who can save them all.

Beyond the frozen mountains there lies an oasis from the frigid cold and the howling winds. A place the animals call Lake Zuron. What a wonderful place, happy creatures of all kinds, living in harmony and warmth thanks to their very own fire-breathing dragon named Daniel.

But one day everything changed when the unthinkable happened. The Dragon fire goes out and immediately the air begins to chill. Things were not looking good but just when all hope was lost, an unlikely hero steps up. Join Spark the mouse on an adventure of a lifetime as he and his friends do their part to save their town from an icy demise.

With the magical power of Daniel, the Dragon there could be hope. But first, they must face and defeat a dangerous enemy, the vile beasts who own these mountains where nobody passes through.

Along this journey maybe you will discover that it’s that little Spark in each of us that really matters, and that a little Spark could save them from the coming cold. The story reminds us that we all need something in life every day to ignite our passion and spirit – to help the world be a “warmer” place and to look for ways to “Be That Spark.”

Ages 7+ | Publisher: Zuroam Media | October 1, 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1735145501

Before October 1st, pre-order your copy, email the team at Zuroam Media, and they’ll give you the audiobook free so you can enjoy it while you wait for the book to arrive. You can find all the email address and links to your favorite bookstore at https://bethatspark.com/shop/.

Book Trailer

About the Author

Chris Parsons grew up in the small fishing village of Flatrock, Newfoundland where he was surrounded by storytellers. When he became a father, he began creating his own children’s stories, and soon he was sharing them with a wider audience.

Over time, his audience grew up, but he continued to create his stories and colorful characters mostly for his own enjoyment. One day he had a flash of inspiration about a little mouse named Spark and began to create the world of A Little Spark.

Today, Chris lives in Dallas. He has left the high-tech world of innovation and business development behind and is focused on his real passion – to create new meaningful experiences for children centered around powerful and engaging stories like ” A little Spark.”

Together with his wife, Kathleen, daughter, Maggie, and son, Kealan, they share a love for all God’s creatures.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

One lucky grand prize winner will receive A Little Spark prize pack!

It includes:

  • A hardcover copy of A Little Spark, autographed by author Chris Parsons. 
  • A downloadable audiobook of A Little Spark. 
  • A Little Spark USB drive with the A Little Spark music album. 
  • One set of Apple AirPods Pro for listening to the outstanding audiobook and music!

Two additional winners will each receive a hardcover signed copy of A Little Spark and a downloadable audiobook!

Giveaway ends 9/24. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are thirteen years of age or older in their state or territory of residence at the time of entry. Please enter below. Good luck!

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