Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program Part III
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Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program Part III

Does healthy eating imply less tasty food? Certainly not! As the Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids program shows, food and beverages can be delicious and nutritious at the same time. You may read my earlier posts here and here to learn more about this great program. I believe that if we consciously and consistently expose our children to healthy food and snacks, they will soon discover the truth that healthy by no means equates nasty. On the contrary, a lot of all natural or organic food tastes distinguishably superior to processed food.

This week, our discussion will center around the following topic.

Question of the Week: How do you ensure that your child eats healthy at school, daycare, or whenever you're not with him or her? What are some of your kids' favorite snacks?

Whenever I'm not with my child, I will pack fruit cups and yogurt to take with him. I will also provide clear instructions for the caregiver as to how often and how much he can eat those snacks. Yogurt is my son's number one favorite. He also loves fruits (esp. apple, banana, kiwi fruit, and water melon), cheerios, bread sticks, and granola bars.

Are you ready to share your tips for healthy eating when your child is in the care of someone else? Remember: by weighing in each week's discussion, you will be entered to win a big basket filled with Looney Tunes gifts!

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Dumb Mom said...

Bread sticks. That's a good idea. Maybe #3 would like to try those. He's still so hard to feed b/c he has the appetite of a 2 year old (since he'll actually be two in January), but he has the mouth of a 6 month old; the kid only has 8 teeth! He's learned to gum pretty much everything to death. Thanks for the tip:)

Chrissyb said...

We pack organic snacks for him like granola bars, dried fruit, carrots with ranch dressing, apples with peanut butter. The daycare we us follows an organic meal plan so this works out great for us.

Unknown said...

At my kids schools they allow them to have snacks so we send apples, applesauce, etc. It helps when the teachers will only allow healthy snacks but my kids love fruits and healthy things anyway because they have always had it.
My daughter really loves apples. My son is more picky but they both love to eat granola bars and cereal. They can snack on a box of cereal all day if I would let them.

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to ensure that my kids eat healthy when I'm not with them? Oh. Er. Of course I do that!

OK. I'll be the first to cop to it. When someone else is in charge, I let them choose what to feed the kids. They're small still, so they're usually with me, but once a week or so, when someone else is making the decisions, I just let it be. Nana feeds them candy and Yoohoo, Mamaw feeds them chips and pop, and I have one friend who apparently doesn't know what a vegetable looks like. I let her feed them whatever she's giving her kids. It won't hurt them.

Their Daddy gives them whatever he can think of, but it's usually not too bad. I don't have these things in my house, so he can't do that around here. ;-)

The older two know that these aren't the best foods for them. When they get bigger, I hope they'll make good decisions without me hovering over them and nagging them to pick the right foods. I doubt being a control freak now is going to help very much in that, and I like having peace with my extended family and friends, so I'm pretty laid back about what other people put in my kids' faces. As the Savior said, it's not what goes into a person's mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out of it.

When I'm in charge, though, they eat well.

Wendi P said...

My kids are in 2nd and 4th grade. I pack their snacks and lunches to take with them to school. If they are at a playdate I allow them to eat whatever is offered to them but I also tell them that they can decline the snack. I tell them to ask themselves, "would Mom let me eat this?". I let them have treats a few times a week. Everything in moderation ;-)

Kim said...

My youngest is 7 months and not in daycare yet. But my oldest is 16 and I can't control what she eats outside the home. What I do though is try to model and teach her healthy eating habits. I also try to buy healthy snacks for her to bring with her to school!

BargainFun said...

I like to send string cheese and yogurts

Deb K said...

My grandchildren go to daycare and my daughter makes sure that she packs them fresh veggies to snack on at snack time with a little dip made with plain yogurt!

Melanie S said...

Right now, the only times my kids are away from me is when they are at their grandmas houses. At my mom's house, I don't worry about it at all, because she always has healthy snacks for them. At my MIL's...well, I just don't worry about it. They eat junk food, candy, sweet baked stuff, pop pretty often when they're there. I don't stress out about it (anymore, ha) though. I figure they eat really healthy the rest of the time, so those occasional treats won't ruin their health!

Some of their favorite snacks are quesadillas, oranges, and yogurt. My oldest actually loves veggies, and munches kale and celery and cucumbers like crazy! And my youngest is in a major CHEESE stage, ha.

Peggy said...

I would pack fresh fruit,fresh veggies,crackers,a sandwich cut with cookie cutters . I always tried to pack finger foods because kids like it.Nuts and raisins too

Mandy said...

I think that if you make nothing off limits, just have things in moderation, they're less likely to go crazy on sugar, etc., when you're not around. I always send two little healthy snacks with my daughter to preschool and I often try to make them "cute" so she's excited about eating them.

intensev5 said...

I ensure my son eats well at school by having him help me pack is lunch and snack. We make good choices together!!! My son's fav. snack is fruit especially apples.

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