Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program Part I
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Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program Part I

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has teamed up with Safeway to create the Eating Right Kids Food Line featuring Looney Tunes characters. For the first time ever, such well-known Looney Tunes characters as Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Taz, Wile E. Coyote, and Daffy Duck, serve as mother’s helpers to find nutritious food and beverage items for their kids that taste great. The new line consists of 60 items across 18 categories including breakfast foods, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages and frozen entrees. It is available at more than 1700 Safeway locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program is being featured on Momlogic.com, along with an Eating Right blog from nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, who offers healthy recipes, expert tips and Looney Tunes Eating Right product recommendations to help moms save prep time when creating healthy menus and school lunches.

As a mom advocate for the Eating Right Kids initiative, I would like to invite you to join in the conversation about healthy eating habits. We'll have a different topic each week for five consecutive weeks. By weighing in each weak, you will be entered to win a gift basket filled with $100 worth of Looney Tunes themed products (more details to follow)!

Question of the Week: What personal challenges do you face daily to make sure your family is eating healthy?

For me, the biggest challenge is to introduce more variety into a healthy diet. By variety, I mean both different types of food and different ways to cook the same food. Unlike many kids who refuse to try new food, my son loves novelty and shows great enthusiasm for something new. But the problem is that he loses interest in the "new" food fairly quickly and keeps asking for a change. I often find myself out of ideas of what to cook for him. Meanwhile, I'm reluctant to expose him to the fancy world of junk food.

It's also quite a challenge to unite flavor with nutrition. I've been trying hard to maintain a low-sugar and low-sodium diet for my family. But the food I cook sometimes turned out to be too bland in taste. While flavor doesn't have to come in conflict with nutrition, I'm concerned that flavorful food tend to have more salt, sugar or other ingredients that might pose health hazard in the long run.

I look forward to reading about your personal challenges and how you cope with them.

Haylie Pomroy is currently taking reader questions about nutrition. Please feel free to email your questions to eatingright@wb.com by Sept 14th.

Momlogic is giving away the same Looney Tunes Eating Right Gift Basket that I'm going to give away here. Be sure to enter now for an extra chance to win!

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Laura said...

My biggest challenge is coming up with something healthy AND easy AND inexpensive. So many times I just want to whip together one of those pre-packaged meals, but I know they aren't as good for us as eating from scratch.

Chrissyb said...

The biggest challenge is finding healthy coupons for organic meals and kid healthy meals. I dont like giving my son processed meals with high salt intakes! These food options sound great!

Tamara B. said...

I worry about outside influences like my children's friends or what they are eating a school.

5webs said...

I have a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and a nineteen-month-old and they all like completely different things. So it is a challenge for me to make sure that I always have a huge variety of snacks that will appeal to each of them.
Alicia Webster

Anonymous said...

My daughter hates milk, she's 15 months old. So we buy organic no sugar yogurt, cottage cheese and regular cheese. Its definitely a challenge some days to make sure she's getting enough calcium. seehorce(at)yahoo(dot)com

Kristy said...

I struggle with veggies. My girls will eat fruit all day long, but veggies are harder. I just try to give them what they like and sneak in veggies wherever I can in sauces, etc.

itsme said...

my husband is a really bad eating example. He eats really unhealthy, drinks tons of soda, buys a lot of unhealthy foods and snacks that I would not choose to be in my house etc.

cstironkat said...

My biggest challenge is the night where we have to be somewhere after school. It makes it hard to have the time to cook healthy.

Annie1 said...

Outside influences!! It's fairly easy to control what my grandkids eat while they are with me, but its not so easy when they aren't with me. (at school, friend's houses, etc.)


Unknown said...

My challenges usually come because of ceonvenience and time. When I get off work I am usually tired so the easiest thing to do is make something fast and easy or eat out. So I have to try to have something healthy and we also drink a lot of water.

Melanie S said...

I would say my biggest challenge is keeping myself motivated. As long as I make healthy meals and snacks, my family is happy to gobble them up. If I get lazy and serve take-out or convenience foods, they'll eat those too.


Mandy said...

TIME! Sometimes it's easy to get tempted by something easy to feed your family when it might not be the most healthy choice. SO, I try to keep cut up veggies, lots of fruit, and reduced-fat cheeses on hand for quick and healthy snacks while I prepare a meal.

Mandy said...

Sometimes I make poor food choices and of course that reflects on my family. I find that if I focus on good choices for myself, then it trickes down to them.

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