Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians Blog Tour: Review and $50 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway
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Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians Blog Tour: Review and $50 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

As fans of Doctoroo, my kids were overjoyed when they got to read the second book in the series, Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians. Learn about this new release by Dr. Rachel B. Wellner and enter to win a $50 Sephora gift card! You may also read my review of the first Doctoroo book here.

About the Book:

Book Title: Doctoroo and the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians by Rachel B. Wellner
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 44 pages
Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Wellner Media
Release Date: March 2022
Content Rating: G - (No bad language, story suitable for children ages 3-7.)

Doctoroo (also known as Dr. Marsha Roo) and her team―Kirby Koala, Louie Llama, and Terence Toad― may live in Australia, but they travel all over the world solving medical mysteries. In Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians, they fly to The Big Island of Hawaii, where red, hot and very itchy hula dancers are in danger of missing their Big Dance Festival. Will they have to skip the Festival, or will Doctoroo help them in time?

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My Review:

Team Doctoroo is on the move again! This time their destination is the sunny and beautiful Hawaii. Doctoroo is invited over to help treat the three hula dancers, whose red, hot and itchy skin is in need of immediate medical attention. But first, she has to figure out the real cause of their mysterious skin problem. Could it be an allergic reaction to poisonous plants, irritation resulting from exposure to hazardous gases, or something else? The clock is ticking. How will the team nail down the true culprit?

With colorful and cheerful illustrations, funny characters, and spellbinding storytelling, the book keeps young readers engaged and entertained from beginning to end. By following Doctoroo and her team's assiduous attempt to solve the puzzle, children gather fun information about Hawaii, including local animals, plants, tropical weather, unique volcanic landscape, and some of the Hawaiian traditions that exemplify hospitality and festivity. The story offers a creative way to teach about sun safety, which is of particular importance to those who enjoy outdoor activities during summer. While learning about possible causes of rashes or redness in skin, readers also gain preliminary knowledge about one commonly used mystery-solving method - eliminative induction - which entails using evidence to rule out competing explanations until the most reasonable one is discovered.

Like its predecessor, the sequel takes every opportunity to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. It'd sure make a delightful addition to the summer reading list of any curious, fun-loving youngster.

About the Author:

Dr. Rachel Wellner MD, MPH, FACS, BACS, is a novelist, comedian, and breast cancer doctor dedicated to making the world a better place for her readers, audience, and patients.

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One lucky person will win a $50 Sephora Gift Card courtesy of the author of Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians!

Giveaway ends 7/1. Open to USA only. Enter daily to increase your chances of winning! Good luck and have a great summer!

Doctoroo & the Case of the Red-Hot Hawaiians Book Tour Giveaway

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