The Bella Santini Chronicles Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway
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The Bella Santini Chronicles Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway

Emotion management is an art that takes time, practice and wisdom to master. Besides exhilarating magical adventures, Angela Legh's fairytale series The Bella Santini Chronicles sheds new light on how youngsters may learn to control their emotions and acquire esstential skills to thrive in a complex world. Learn about the first two books in the series and enter to win a fantastic prize pack!

My Review:

The Bella Santini Chronicles weaves an epic story of magic, mystery, fantasy, friendship, and self-discovery, while demonstrating the transformative power of love. In book one Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change, a boring camping trip turns into a breathtaking adventure for 14-year-old Bella, who gets mysteriously lured into a fairy ceremony and then becomes a prisoner in the Land of Everlasting Change. In order to survive in the fairy kingdom and blend in with the fairies in training, she has to pass a series of tests and trials before she can get admitted into the Yelimoon school of magic.

As a scheme to overthrow the throne hastily escalates into a war in book two Bella Santini in the Troll War, things grow even more fast-paced, challenging and unpredictable than in the first book. Although a brief and precise summary of what has happened in book one is provided in the sequel, you would want to start with book one in order to get a better understanding of the subtle relationships between Bella and her new friends, and the change of heart she is going through. In book one, Bella poses herself as a vigilant outsider in an exotic place where she doesn't belong, whereas she becomes more emotionally attached to the beings and more physically involved in the matters of the land in book two, especially after the astonishing revelation of her true identity.

Both books excel in their vivid depiction of sceneries and scenarios, making it easy to visualize the dazzling magical world the author has adeptly constructed. Expect to be fascinated by intricate spells, formidable force fields, massive energy battles, parallel dimensions, psychokinesis, teleportation, and anything related to magic! I'm especially impressed by how various forms of magic can be combined and sequenced strategically to achieve a goal. I also appreciate the author's effort to keep the description of actions on the battlefield kid-friendly.

The series has quite a few valuable messages to deliver. The most prominent one concerns emotional health. The author suggests that we acknowledge and accept our feelings, and let our emotions flow through healthy outlets instead of trying to suppress them. The process proves helpful when Bella learns to come to terms with her new identity. The story shows that love is the ultimate cure for all evil intentions. Together with friendship and teamwork, it can work magic. While set in an imaginary world, the story reveals realistic and relatable issues, such as sibling rivalry and bullying. In both books, the author urges parents to love their children unconditionally, respect their individuality and refrain from trying to mold them into someone they are not. The story also suggests that although war is inevitable at times, we should try to minimize the use of violence and leave room for reconciliation. True leaders should win the support of their people through love and care rather than suppression. 

Overall, the series is an entertaining and inspiring read for teen readers and beyond. Looking forward to the next book!

About the Books:

Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change
Ages 8-12 | 204 Pages
Publisher: Waterside Productions | ISBN-13: 9781954968080

An ordinary teen girl stumbles into a fairy ceremony; is arrested and brought to the fairy kingdom, the Land of Everlasting Change, a land caught in the struggle between good and evil, where Queen Tatiana fights to keep the balance of power from tipping. Queen Tatiana spreads the message of the truth of fairyland, that fairies are emissaries of love. This gripping tale in a magical land crosses time and dimensions, bringing readers on a journey of self-discovery.

This book series seeks to plant seeds of wellness into every child’s hearts and minds who reads or has the books read to them. The seeds planted are unconditional love, inner peace, and emotional self-mastery.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Bookshop

Bella Santini in the Troll War
Ages 8-12 | 204 Pages
Publisher: Waterside Productions | ISBN-13: 9781956503203

In The Land of Everlasting Change, Bella Santini is an ordinary girl who was spirited away to the land of the Fae. She completed her admission trials and was initiated into Yelimoon fairy school. Her nemesis Novaq continues his campaign to get her thrown out of the school. Under the cover of darkness, Novaq and friends conspire to kidnap Bella and deliver her to Ginekei, who will banish Bella from the kingdom.

Her friends Shibohna, Matteus, and Torvieto, race to her rescue. Together, they use their collective wisdom to foil the kidnappers. However, the rescue party is unable to return to Yelimoon School. A trek through the night brings them to Thessaeria, where Bella learns the truth about who she is.

Meanwhile, the Trolls, under the direction of Ginekei, lead an attack on Fae cities. The balance between light and dark is at risk in the Fae realm. Who is Bella, and what will become of her?

Bella Santini in the Troll War is book two of the Bella Santini Chronicles series. This book series seeks to plant seeds of wellness into the hearts and minds of every child who reads or has the books read to them. The seeds planted are unconditional love, inner peace, and emotional self-mastery.v

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About the Author:

Angela Legh grew up in San Francisco, CA. She learned from her father that men were people to fear, and that anger is bad. She learned from her mother how to love unconditionally. For the first 54 years of her life, Angela was bullied, first by her father, then by the man she married. In both stages of her life, a fire caused the family to break up. The first fire, when she was five, resulted in the children being sent away for months while her parents sought housing. The second fire, a disastrous California wildfire, caused Angela to question her choices in life; leave her marriage, and seek to find herself. Angela is now an author and self-development mentor.

Her children’s book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, has received high praise and is known for helping children learn how to manage their emotions.

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The Bella Santini Chronicles: Book Giveaway

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