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The Grumpy Frumpy Croissant Blog Tour

About the Book:

Written by Mona K
Illustrated by Korey Scott

Even Your Breakfast Has Bad Days!

Grumpy Frumpy Croissant isn't happy, and he's taking it out on the breakfast plate! Toast, Scone, and Milk think he's being mean, but Croissant thinks they're being mean. A sip of Milk and ten deep breaths help everyone calm down and talk to each other.

Beneath the charming, hand-drawn illustrations in Grumpy Frumpy Croissant is a lesson about misunderstandings that any child can grasp. Croissant learns about about letting anger pass by stopping and breathing, and how he hurts other's feelings when he yells. It's a simple story for parents to introduce ideas of managing feelings to children.

The book also features a delicious croissant recipe that parents can make with their children, and full-page coloring activities featuring the characters in the book (kindle and e-reader compatible too!)

I read this book with my preschooler and he loves it very much. He was excited to meet some of his favorite breakfast items as leading characters in a story, especially the funny-looking Croissant. The story is very easy to follow and understand, with a few repetitions to emphasize the anger management trick that Milk teaches his three friends. I did a pop quiz with my son and was amazed that he still remembered everything a couple of weeks after reading the book. So the message did go through well. The engaging, playful illustrations are a great plus to the story, bringing all the fun characters to life with vibrant colors and expressive faces. Young children are still in the learning stage as to keeping their emotions under rein. The book would be a nice guide to help them cool down when a tantrum erupts and to minimize misunderstandings among friends.

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About the Author:

Mona K is a statistician by training and loves to weave stories with numbers in her day job as a health services researcher. She is also a children’s book author who believes that picture books are a source of both wisdom and silliness. Mona loves to bake in her free time, and her love for croissants and meditation inspired her to write this debut children's picture book. She lives in New Jersey with her seven year old son and husband.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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