Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa's Tea Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway
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Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa's Tea Blog Tour: Review and Prize Pack Giveaway

Looking for a fun book to read with your grandchildren when they visit your house? Check out Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa's Tea by Travis Peagler. Enter to win a copy of the book and a $100 Visa gift card!

My Review:

Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa's Tea is a cheerful rhyming picture book which tells a story as sweet as honey. It's narrated by a little boy who loves to observe his grandpa performing his morning routine, which includes putting in his denture, praying, watching TV, stretching his back, stroking his dog Sparks and making his tea. The boy seems to be particularly amused by the fact that a buzzing bee comes to mess around with grandpa every time he tries to drink his tea on the porch. After preventing grandpa from getting a hard landing on the ground with the help of Sparks, the smart cutie comes up with a plan to allow the bee to join grandpa for morning tea without being bothersome.

The use of a child's perspective makes the story more enjoyable and relatable for young readers. The seemingly boring, repetitive things we do every day may appear to be interesting or even entertaining in the eyes of a curious, good-humored child. And never underestimate the creativity and problem-solving ability of your little one! The boy in the story shows that it is not that hard to turn an annoying encounter into a pleasant one. Conflict can be resolved with peace and harmony. The close connection between the boy and his grandpa and how much the youngster cares about the elderly are really touching and heartwarming. In addition, the charm of the story is greatly enhanced by its colorful, realistic illustrations portraying the lovely characters with humor and delight. This is certainly a book worth adding to the summer reading list of your little bookworm.

About the Book:

Written by Travis Peagler
Illustrated by Blueberry Illustrations

Ages 4-8 | 32 Pages
Publisher: Script Novel Publishing | ISBN-13: 978-1732563551

Every morning at seven o’ three, I wake up just in time to watch Grandpa play with Bizzy Bzzz the Bee.

Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa’s Tea is reading made fun. Told through the eyes of a child, this is an entertaining story about a boy who gets a good laugh watching Grandpa’s encounter with a bee every morning while trying to enjoy his cup of tea. Teetering on the edge of frustration, Grandpa has a heightened escalation with Bizzy.

The boy comes up with a quick solution that allows Grandpa to enjoy his morning tea and lets Bizzy stay. It’s safe to say, the Grandson saved the day. This story has playful rhyme, problem solving, and is sure to put a smile on faces of children every time.

Bizzy Bzzz zips around Grandpa’s head three times and makes him dizzy. It’s funny when his eyes cross. He looks so silly.

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About the Author:

Travis Peagler is a unique individual, being the youngest of seven kids, raised partially in low-income apartments on the East side of Dayton, Ohio, until the age of nine. Humble beginnings growing up in a somewhat multi-racial neighborhood gave Travis an inimitable perspective on life at an incredibly young age.

His imagination has always been his outlet. Thinking back to grade-school when he was in an uncomfortable situation or when he didn’t handle conflict well, Travis would always replay the scene again in his mind where things played out the way he wished. An innate defense mechanism, he assumes, which led to the discovery of his extraordinary talent.

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One lucky grand prize winner will receive a copy of Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa’s Tea and a $100 Visa gift card!

Six additional winners will each receive a copy of Bizzy Bzzz the Bee and Grandpa’s Tea!

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