A Dreadful Fairy Book Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway (10 Winners)
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A Dreadful Fairy Book Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway (10 Winners)

It is not uncommon to find both good and evil characters in a fairy tale, but it is certainly unusual for a fairy tale to be described as "dreadful". Taking a bold departure from the typical fairy stories that we know of, Jon Etter's A Dreadful Fairy Book follows the adventures of a young sprite as she encounters all kinds of fairies that might be considered weird by conventional standards.

Although the narrator of A Dreadful Fairy Book, Mr. Quacksworth, has repeatedly warned the readers about how dreadful the story can get, I find it to be quite delightful and refreshing, for it is filled with fun fairy figures that do not conform to the stereotypes we are familiar with, such as a book-loving, dark-skinned, chubby-looking sprite who would rather walk than fly, a supposedly savage bridge troll who takes etiquette and refinement very seriously, a brownie and pixie duo who are in the habit of stealing and cheating at cards but are otherwise harmless and sometimes helpful, and many more! Many of the characters in this book, including the heroine herself, are often ridiculed at by their peers as losers or outliers, but Shade the sprite, along with her new friends and travel companions, learns to embrace her unique identity and to follow her heart to do what she believes to be right.

While the story undoubtedly endorses the significance of books, it makes it clear that it is not wise to rely on books as the only source of knowledge. Life experience of oneself and that of others are highly valuable resources as well. I also love the way the author makes allusion to some of my favorite classic books. Pride and Pixies, Meager Expectations, Romulus and Julianna, A Late-Autumn Afternoon's Woolgathering...do they sound familiar to you? If you are getting bored by the ordinary fairy tales, A Dreadful Fairy Book is the perfect book to pick up for a change!

About the Book
Narrated by Quentin Q. Quacksworth, Esq.
Written by Jon Etter
Illustrated by Adam Horsepool

Shade the sprite is dreadful at being the perfect fairy. After her treehouse burns to the ground, Shade embarks on a quest, albeit with rather questionable companions, to find a place her outrĂ© self can finally fit in—a place of companionship and comfort and, most importantly, positively filled with books. When fantastic ruffians, swindlers, and a pack of ruthless Unseelie hunters threaten to halt her at every turn, can Shade survive the dreadful journey and find a destination she can truly call home?

Ages 9-12 | Publisher: Amberjack Publishing | November 20, 2018 | ISBN-13: 978-1948705141

About the Author:

Jon Etter grew up in his local library in Forrest, Illinois (population 1,200, not including dogs), and eventually migrated north to Wisconsin, where he has taught high school English for the past twenty-one years. When not teaching or attempting to domesticate his two children, Jon has written for a variety of anthologies and journals. He loved every minute of working on A Dreadful Fairy Book that wasn’t spent with Quentin Q. Quacksworth, whom Jon describes as “the opposite of fun.” For more about Jon, visit him on the web at www.jonetter.com.

About the Narrator

In his storied, 43-year career as a professional narrator, Mr. Quacksworth has worked on many wonderful, proper pieces of literature. His greatest regret, professional or personal, is his involvement with Jon Etter, whom he describes as “a pugnacious purveyor of puerile prose,” and A Dreadful Fairy Book, which he strongly urges publishers, parents, teachers, and librarians to keep out of the hands of children.

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