MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy Review {Holiday Gift Guide 2014} #ChosenByKids
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MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy Review {Holiday Gift Guide 2014} #ChosenByKids

Have you gotten a chance to visit a Walmart Holiday Toyland near you? This past Saturday, we went to our local Walmart to check out all the toys #ChosenByKids and landed on our favorite pick--MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy from Mattel.

Fanatic about cars, my boys fell in love with this big bright-colored truck at first sight. They couldn't wait to try it by pushing the bumper down as instructed on the box. The construction truck started talking in a funny, masculine voice with his eyes flashing green. They were jumping up and down with joy when I told them that they were going to have their very own MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy.

As soon as we got home, my older son took his new toy out of the box and started to explore all the actions and stunts MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy can perform. The truck features five different play modes: carrying cargo, dumping, breaking barriers, clearing the area and a celebration dance.

Besides the rock pieces that comes within the package, his truck bed is big enough for a full load of building blocks, action figures, and other small objects you would like him to carry around. His smokestacks are the key to controlling his moves, like driving forward, making turns, spinning 360° and happy dancing. His eyes light up and even change colors in response to his change of actions. His bumper includes a sensor that activates sounds and music. MatchBox Wrecky is pretty chatty too. His agreeable personality and reassuring words encourage kids to accomplish any mission they set their minds on. Watch MatchBox Wrecky in action through the short video below.

As you can see from the video, MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy offers the perfect combination of construction truck and hard-working companion. He can keep your kiddo entertained by playing with him interactively with his amazing bulldozing and wrecking power. We created walls with building blocks, empty water bottles and paper towel tubes and he had no problem knocking them all down either by charging straight ahead or spinning with his wrecking ball extended outward. There is no limit to what barrier you can challenge him to break!

I love that the toy comes in with long-lasting batteries. My kids have kept their MatchBox Wrecky busy for the past few days and he still remains energetic and powerful. I also love that he is very sturdy and durable. He looks like new after all the bumping, spinning and wrecking he does every day. I strongly recommend MatchBox Wrecky The Wrecking Buddy as a fantastic holiday gift for boys (Some girls may like it too!). Buy it in store or at for $49.92 plus tax.

Wanna discover more great toy gift ideas like this? Bring your kids to one of the Walmart Holiday Toyland events in your area this Saturday or in December. They will thank you for the fun experience with some of the hottest toys that are chosen by kids!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written as part of the Walmart Toyland campaign. I received free post to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own and may differ from yours.

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Andrea said...

Toys that come with batteries are the best.

LisaLisa said...

Oh my grandson would love this truck, sounds so cool. Can't wait to go to our Walmart Event. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

My kids enjoyed playing with Wrecky too!

Heather Pfingsten said...

How fun! My 4-year-old nephew would definitely love Wrecky but I think it is highly likely that my almost 5-year-old daughter would as well. Such a fun event at Walmart. Thank you for sharing!

Southern Mom Loves said...

We saw this one at the event we went to last weekend! It was so cool! The kids went crazy for this one.

Bonnie G said...

This toy looks so cool. My son had a blast at the in store event playing with the same toy. Thanks for sharing.

Marysa said...

This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing - I'll have to keep this in mind for Christmas gifts!

An Ordinary Housewife said...

That's a really cool truck! My 2 year old son would probably love it.

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