Guest Post: Maintaining Optimum Health During the Busy Cold and Flu Season
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Guest Post: Maintaining Optimum Health During the Busy Cold and Flu Season

This is a guest post provided by Paige One.

The lazy days of summer are over, and it’s more important than ever to maintain optimum health for yourself while balancing the many priorities that fall brings. With the PTA meetings, classroom visits, and activities for your kids, as well as your own personal priorities, which may include a job, a household, or volunteering, it’s important to nurture your body’s health to ward off sickness. In the fall and winter months, people spend more times indoors, which means that there are more opportunities for cold and flu germs to thrive in the spaces you spend most of your time.

Here are a few proactive ways that you can try to ward off sickness this season.

Take your vitamins. Listen to your mom’s voice in your head encouraging you to take them each and every morning. Keeping your body healthy will help your immune system ward off germs. Individuals who take their vitamins often experience fewer bouts with sickness, or sickness that is shorter in duration. In addition to taking your vitamins, eat well-balanced, healthy meals to give your body an extra jolt of nutrition and energy. Good nutrition also helps with good circulation, which keeps you warmer during those
chilly fall and winter days.

Wash your hands. Remind yourself to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Most people don’t wash their hands as long as needed. It may sound silly, but mentally singing the first stanza of Jingle Bells in your head while soaping and washing your hands to ensure that you are scrubbing them long enough to kill all the germs. It will help keep you healthy and get you in the Christmas spirit too!

One other great tactic is to make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Fluids help ward off sickness, and they also require several bathroom trips throughout the day, which will keep you constantly washing your hands.

Be proactive this fall to invest in your health through this season and the next. Make a point to put into practice
these simple tactics to ward off sickness, and you will hopefully be sick fewer times and for shorter periods of time. Priorities will only increase as the season continues and the holidays approach and all that planning will be much easier if you are healthy, happy, and energetic. 

About the author:
Paige one writes about many topics, from fitness to fashion. Stay healthy this season and stock up on vital vitamins! 

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