Stand Up For Family Comedy Special
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Stand Up For Family Comedy Special

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you value your family more than everything else in life? I know I do because it is my family that defines who I am and makes me feel that I'm always needed and loved. Therefore, I think it necessary to teach my own children about the importance of family and assure them that they can always count on their family for support.   Stand Up For Family is a comedy special presented by American Family Insurance, featuring short yet funny anecdotes of family life. Leading comedians including Bill Bellamy, Rodney Perry, Mark Viera, Donnell Rawlings, and Tony Roberts offer their own perspectives on the importance of family by telling stories inspired by experiences from their own families.

Among the videos available on the Stand Up For Family website, my favorites are "Still Free" and "Momma Talk" by Bill Bellamy. "Still Free" reminds of me of the good old days when children had no access to high-tech toys and gears, but had their imagination in full bloom with free play and simple games. "Momma Talk" reflects, although in a somewhat exaggerating way, the old school parenting style that many of us experienced when we were kids.

As a parent, I highly appreciate AmFam efforts to re-etashilsh the importance of strong family ties through a keen sense of humor and stories we all can relate to. I think the show offers great entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. I suggest all of you checking it out when you have a moment.

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