Lite Sprites Toys Review & Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $72)
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Lite Sprites Toys Review & Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $72)

The number one signature possession of many fairies is their magic wand. How you ever wished you could have a fairy wand that performs magic in the real world? Now your dream may come true with the creation of Lite Sprites and Lite Wand by WowWee, an award-winning toy manufacturer globally recognized for creating imaginative and innovative products featuring a touch of technology!

Any fancy wand I've seen before is paled in comparison with the powerful Lite Wand, which allows you to collect colors from flat surfaces in the real world environment and magically share them with the Lite Sprites and their world. There are five spites in the Lite Sprites family, each gifted with a special power: Prisma, the leader; Astra, the keeper of the skies; Brooke, who takes care of the water; Meadow, who is responsible for the plants, flowers and trees; and Bleak, the rebel Sprite who uses her powers to disrupt color in Lite-Topia, the enchanted land where Lite Sprites collect, share and use color and light to express their emotions.

I received a very nice selection of Lite Sprites toys for review, including 2 Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite sets, 2 individual sprites (Brooke & Bleak), 2 deluxe playsets (Swing & Waterfall), 1 Tree of Life, 2 Lite Pet sets, and DVD of the Lite Sprites animated series. Both adults and children in our family are fascinated by what we can do with the Sprites and Lite Wand.
The Lite Wand is definitely the centerpiece of the whole package. We had a blast using the wand to collecting colors from objects in our home and casting color spells on Prisma, other sprites, and the playsets, which will in turn glow in a new color. We feel ourselves immersed in the magical world of Lite-Topia and possessing the power of color capture and transfer with a simple push of button. The wand also makes unique, mythical sounds to keep the little girls enchanted. The Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite set retails for $29.99 each. Each individual sprite is $19.99.

The Tree of Life playset looks gorgeous and extravagant. The multi-level forest hideaway comes with interactive sounds, light-up staircase, working elevator and spinning, sparkling treetop. The tree comes to life with changing colors transferred from Lite Wand and Lite Sprites. It has a suggested price of $39.99.
While the Tree of Life has enough space for up to 4 spites, the Swing and Waterfall playsets are designed for one spite at a time to relax and rewind. Each of them has a special way to interact with each of the Lite Sprites. It has a retail value of $19.99 each.
Lite Sprites enjoy the company of pets too. These collectible Lite Pets are super cute. Each playset comes with a Lite Pet that's not included in the Lite Pet sets you can buy separately. Lite Pets retail for only $6.99 for a set of four styles.

The complete Lite Sprites product line includes one Lite Wand, five Lite Sprites, four deluxe playsets, the Tree of Lite Playset, and 21 Lite Pets. They are available at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and Be sure to collect them all for your little magic lovers!

The Giveaway
WowWee has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers a fabulous Lite Sprites Prize Pack valued around $72! Here's what the winner will find in her package:

*1 Lite Wand and Prisma Sprite set
*1 Bleak Sprite (the one who's more naughty and unpredictable than others)
*Lite Pets
*1 Deluxe Playset

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Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate my honest review. No monetary exchange took place. All views and opinions express are my own.

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I learned that Prisma comes with 10 built-in favorite colors. This is a really cool thing.

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