The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD
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The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD

Starring Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer follows LAPD Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson as she leads her squad to crack high profile murder cases. As a woman in charge in a male-dominated work environment, Brenda demonstrated powerful skills for investigation and interrogation. She won respect and support from her crew with incredible charisma, confidence, and intelligence. No wonder Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell) from the Force Investigation Division, who came to question Brenda's leadership, ended up fully convinced of her capability and recommended her for the promotion to chief of police.

What's amazing about Brenda is that she displays power without compromising her femininity. The show's success attributes a lot to Kyra's charming look and impressive acting. Unlike any stereotyped career woman, Brenda is emotional, compassionate, and has her moment of weakness. She's also a pretty woman with a great sense of fashion.

Episode 3, Season 6 "In Custody" provides an excellent example of both Brenda's tough and feminine side. She courageously stood up against the pressure to close the case without finding out the real murderer. But she could hardly hold up her tears when the painful truth behind the custody battle was finally revealed.

Season Six finds Brenda in the running for chief, Detective Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) looking after an orphaned boy, Brenda's family Christmas rudely interrupted by crime and much more! Pre-order your copy of The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD here today:!

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Closer Sixth Season on DVD.

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