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Bright Beginnings Formula Now Available on

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Great news for customers of Bright Beginnings Formula! Now you can buy on and save even more with store coupons and offers. For instance, if this is the first time you make a purchase on, you can use coupon code GET10PCT to receive 10% off any order. You can also get free shipping if you buy $49 or more products on or $39 or more on and one of its partner sites.

Bright Beginnings is a store brand owned by PBM Products. Known by its tagline "Premium Nutrition Without The Premium Price", Bright Beginnings offers a variety of infant formulas that are nutritionally comparable to big national brands but cost considerably less. As we discussed in an earlier post on store brand formula, all infant formulas are required by law to follow the same FDA regulations and provide all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for a baby's growth and development in the first year.

Bright Beginnings Infant Formulas contain DHA and ARA levels that match or exceed the leading brands which may support brain and eye development. Parents may choose from Premium Milk-Based Formula, Gentle Milk-Based Formula, Organic Infant Formula, Soy Infant Formula and Soy Pediatric Drink, based on their baby's need and preference. By switching from name brands to Bright Beginnings, you can have quality formula that's easy on your wallet. You can easily compare nutrition facts and calculate your savings on Bright Beginnings website.

Besides a new place to buy Bright Beginnings formula, you can also get connected with Bright Beginnings on Facebook. Their Facebook page is relatively new and would really love your support! Make the switch and start saving right away.

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