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Costume Supercenter Review

When I think about Halloween, the words and images that come to my mind are kids, candies, pumpkins, and costumes. I have never seriously dressed up for Halloween as an adult. I did put on a witch's hat in order to attend a costume party in college, but that was all. I got really excited when Family Review Network and Costume Supercenter invited me to choose a new costume for review.  With thousands of styles and designs targeting different genders and age groups, Costumer Supercenter is no doubt the best one-stop shop for costume for Halloween. It literally took me 2 hours to browse only a fraction of their selection. It was quite a challenge to pick just one item that I'd like to review.

Fascinated by their huge collection of adult Halloween costumes, I decided to choose one for myself. I was looking for something that aren't too bold or provocative. The Grease Pink Ladies Rizzo Costume finally won my heart. I love the retro look it creates and the fact that it looks more like a fashionable outfit than a costume. And importantly, it's available in my size.
Take a look at the actual product I received. I love it! The costume set includes a sexy black dress, a matching belt, and a sporty pink jacket to cover my back. It was conveniently packaged in a clear bag that's compact, resealable, and with a hanger for easy storage. To my delight, the dress not only fits me well, but also flatters my body shape, making my belly look flatter and legs longer. My son was on the side when I first tried it on. He exclaimed "Mom, you're beautiful!" like 10 times in a row. Oh my sweet boy, he had no complaints about my not choosing a new costume for him.
If you're only interested in shopping for your child, no problem. Costume Supercenter offers tons of adorable costumes for babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. I'm sure there are more than one costume that will please your eyes. You can easily narrow down your search by theme, category, character, and many other criteria. All of the costumes are competitively priced. And for a limited time, you may receive free shipping for any order $40 or more. You may follow Costume Supercenter on Facebook and Twitter for more customer reviews and store promotions.

Costume Supercenter encourages you to think beyond Halloween when it comes to costume shopping. Costumes may help you dress up for a variety of occasions, such as birthday party, Easter egg hunt, Thanksgiving reunion, and Christmas celebration. The possibilities are endless. Whether you decide to make a purchase or not, you will sure have lots of fun browsing the site. Start shopping and get inspired!

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & Costume Supercenter who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

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