Win A $1,200 Gift Bag and Extra Entries Exclusive For My Readers!
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Win A $1,200 Gift Bag and Extra Entries Exclusive For My Readers!

In the newest episode of Gift Bag Robin Hood on Stylit.TV, they go to the Verizon Wireless Samsung Style Villa at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills where celebs like Kellan Lutz (Twilight, 90210), Kayla Ewell (Entourage) and of course, Bobby Trendy were partying. They picked up over $1,200 in product from Urban Decay, Laguna Beach Jeans, Dermalogica, Debbie Brooks and more. And then of course there was the fruit bowl...

I’ve partnered up with Stylit.TV to give you a chance to win. How do you do it? Just go to and enter the code "Icefairy" in the invitation code box, it’s that easy! When you sign up you get 20 bonus credits which you can use to get 20 extra chances to win.

Here's some of what's in the $1,200 bag:

  • A $268 Black and White Rockstar Purse by Debbie Brooks
  • $250 collection of makeup products from Urban Decay including a Limited Edition Luxury Lipstick Cap, Eye Shadow and Dagger Lipstick
  • A Denim Skirt with heavy white stitching from Laguna Beach Jean Co.
  • Almost $100 in Dermalogica product
  • His and Her eau de toilette from FCUK
  • Samsung Glyde cell phone
  • Apples to Apples and Pictionary Man by Mattel
  • Swim suits from Apple Bottom

The giveaway ends on Tuesday August 4th, and the "Icefairy" invitation code will only work for the first 100 people, so hurry up!

So for your chance to win the $1,200 gift bag go to and enter the word "Icefairy" in the invite code box, or to go straight to the registration click on this link http://Stylit.TV/UWGgO

BTW, the winner of the $1,700 gift bag was invited to the contest by me! I feel so happy for her. Congrats!

Stylit.TV is the new online video network where you can watch web shows about fashion, beauty, celebrities, and technology. Plus virtually everything you see on our shows you can win or buy.
Our first show, Gift Bag Robin Hood, is all about winning. You know how celebrities get those amazing gift bags? We'll we go to those same hollywood events, get those same celebrity gift bags and then we give them away to you.

2 Treasure Hunters :

Emily B said...

Aw, US residents only!
Good luck you Americans.

Night Owl Mama said...

Super cool I have to remember this for later Thanks much.

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