BlogHer Was Great. Home Is Better!
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BlogHer Was Great. Home Is Better!

I'm really thankful to JVC for making my first BlogHer experience so comfortable and memorable! I had great fun at BlogHer not only because of the bags of goodies being handed out to me, but more importantly, because of the opportunity to meet and mingle with my favorite bloggers! I became very excited every time I recognized the author of a blog I love based on her Blogger or Twitter avatar-Deb@Just A Mom's Take on Things, Amy@Resourceful Mommy, Janice & Susan @5 Minutes for Mom, Briana@Briana Bargains, Melissa@Consumer Queen, Shannon@From Cribs to Car Keys, and Jenna@For The Love Of Baby, just to name a few. It was a great pleasure to hang out with these nice ladies, whom I felt that I had known for quite some time.

I'm very happy to get to know Kim@Mission Mommy, the first bloggy friend I met in person (we were in fact on the same flights to and from Chicago), and Keep It Classy Jen, a beautiful and energetic girl that I met numerous times-each time in a different but similarly gorgeous outfit. Could you imagine how upset I was when I realized that I had left my camera on the bookshelf at home? Silly me!!! Luckily I ran into Rick@Tiny Prints, who is very tall, warm and loves taking pictures with his huge professional camera. Go check out his BlogHer09 album on Flickr!

There was no doubt that BlogHer conference was like heaven to freebie and party lovers, but not a single moment at those fabulous events was more precious than the moment when my son welcomed me home with a sweet kiss! Home is still the number one place where I feel most relaxed and at ease. I have never parted with my son for such a long time and I missed him tremendously. So I decided to take a few days off the Internet and spent all my time with my little man. Now you may stop wondering why I didn't tell you about my BlogHer adventure sooner. I read quite a few great blog entries for the Top 10 Reasons to Stay Home during BlogHer Weekend contest and I strongly identify with what being outlined. Should I attend BlogHer a second time, I will sure take my kid and husband with me!

Overall, I had a great time at BlogHer. I was a bit bewildered by the maze-like room arrangements in the hotel and wasn't able to locate all the fun parties. I wish my flight hadn't been delayed so I could have made it to the legendarily gorgeous SocialLuxe Lounge party, or I could have seen the President in person. I wish the wireless connection hadn't been so unpredictable so I could have blogged or tweeted along the way. I wish I owned an iPhone or a netbook so I could have easier access to the Internet. Despite all my regrets, I love my stay in Chicago. BowlHer is definitely my favorite party of all! I'm sure my next BlogHer trip will be even more exciting.

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