PR Welcome: Review and Giveaway Policy
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PR Welcome: Review and Giveaway Policy

I'm a happy mom to a super active preschooler and a cute baby. I love to test and review new products and to host blog giveaways. I've enjoyed working with PR professionals and business owners so far. If you'd like to create more buzz on any family-friendly products or services, I'm here to help! Feel free to pitch me at icefairyisme AT gmail DOT com.

I don't charge for reviews if product samples are provided for me to try and keep. My reviews are detailed and typically accompanied by graphics and my unique personal experience. Please note that I'm inclined to post positive reviews only. I'll let you know if I choose not to blog about your product because of a negative experience. The samples, however, will not be returned.

I don't charge for hosting giveaways if product samples are provided for me to review or the prize is judged by me to be worth blogging about. It is the sponsor's responsibility to ship the prize directly to the winner. This will not only save me time and money, but will also reduce our carbon footprint and save our planet! You can count on me to diligently promote the giveaway through various social media venues, and to forward you the winner's information after the giveaway concludes.

If you're interested in advertising on my blog or exploring other options to work with me, please feel free to contact me as well. My basic stats including followers, subscribers, Google page rank, Alexa ranking, and page views can be found on my side bars. More detailed stats are available upon request.

Thank you for considering me. You're always welcome to browse through my past reviews and giveaways to see if we are a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you at icefairyisme AT gmail DOT com.

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