Bath Time Fun with Toomies Pirate Ship
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Bath Time Fun with Toomies Pirate Ship

Children can have wildly different reactions to taking a bath: some love to be cuddled and caressed by warm water while some would scream and struggle to get into the bathtub. Whether bath time means precious bounding time or an ongoing battle in your house, TOMY Tommies Pirate Ship can turn bath time into fun time!

Join Pirate Pete in his fun-filled adventures in the bathtub! He can climb up the mast for a bird's eye view over the sea of bubbles. He can ask his pet octopus to squirt any unwelcome visitor, scare off approaching enemy with his water cannon or power up with the spinning wheel. If all else fails, he also has the option to leave the ship behind and escape in the getaway dinghy.

TOMY kindly sent us a Tommies Pirate Ship for review and this is how it looks inside the packaging.

Now we have Pirate Pete outside the box and up on the mast.

Pete fits perfectly inside the getaway dinghy.

Ready, set, sail! The baby bathtub looks a bit too confined for the big ship, but that doesn't stop my little one from having tons of fun with the ship, as it's great both as a bath toy and a water play toy.

A bit to my surprise, my toddler's favorite element of the toy is the small lifeboat. He loves scooping up water with it or watching it slide off the launch ramp into the water.

I usually let my children explore how a new toy works on their own unless they ask for my assistance. My little boy was at first attracted by the cute look of the octopus and soon discovered that it could squirt water when pressed down. He began giggling when water got squirted all over his face. The squirting octopus seems to be his favorite feature next to the dinghy. He couldn't figure out how the water cannon and spinning wheel work until his older brother showed him. In fact, my older kids seem to love the pirate ship no less than my youngest.

My toddler also loves the pirate figure and insists that it is himself by calling it "me". Pirate Pete can float both on his back and on his stomach, and makes bubbles when plunged headfirst into water.

Toomies Pirate Ship has become part of my little one's bath time routine. He wants to play with it even when it's not time for a bath. Now the challenge is to separate him from the ship during bedtime. I end up letting him take the small boat to bed and he plays with it EVERY night until he drifts into dreamland.

Toomies Pirate Ship will no doubt make a loving gift for your little one. Order one at and start creating fun memories during bath time with your child and Pirate Pete!

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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