EQL: Wear What You Believe In
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EQL: Wear What You Believe In

Many of us show what we love through what we wear, such as t-shirts featuring characters from a movie, a TV show, a comic book; or those with a straightforward statement like "I ♥ NY." You may or may not have realized the power that lies in what you wear. EQL (pronounced "equal"), an organization devoted to equal acceptance-respect-and rights for all, calls on everyone who believes in equality to wear what you believe in and to march every day in an effort to bring about positive changes around you.

To join the EQL movement, simply choose your favorite EQL tee at JoinEQL.com. The organization will apply 65% of the proceeds from sales to amplify your efforts to promote equality for all through various social media channels. This surge of positive communication will change how people think about equality. The other 35% of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that do important work for equality in your community, such as the ACLU. EQL tees come in a variety of styles and sizes, and cost only $25 each.

Together we can make a difference! The approach EQL takes is to combine continuous positive communication with support for organizations on the ground in communities. You can be part of the action by simply wearing your belief. Get your EQL tee today!

Disclosure: I will be entered into a blogger giveaway by sharing the information.

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