Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Review & Discount Offer #CrazySeatsPR
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Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Review & Discount Offer #CrazySeatsPR

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

The older a child grows, the more she tends to value space that is designated as her own. It's even better when that kind of space is mobile so that she can take it with her wherever she goes. That may help explain the great success of Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats by Koeckritz.

Made in the USA, Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats turn standard broadloom carpet into fun round rug mats in a rainbow of 19 bright and pastel colors. Each of these soft cut pile rugs is made of a polyester filament fiber, with edges sewn with a fabric tape to prevent fraying. They are typically 18" in diameter, but can be made to order as well.

Koeckritz kindly provided me with a set of 3 Circle Seats in different colors for review. I'm very pleased with their fabric quality, craftsmanship and size. The rugs feel soft and comfortable while they are sturdy enough to stand wear and tear. Durability is important considering how rough kids can get at times. Each seat is perfectly sized for one child's use, in whatever posture she prefers.

My favorite feature of the Circle Seats is that they are versatile and portable. There is practically no limit to how and where you can use them. They are great for both indoor and outdoor activities. Each child may pick and sit on their favorite color during story time, at a play date, on a movie night, or for a picnic party. My boys used to sit or kneel directly on the floor when they build LEGO sets. Now they can get themselves more comfortable by sitting or kneeling on the Circle Seats instead. Mommy (that is me) is happier because their pants are better protected from dirt and damage. I bet no moms with boys are unfamiliar with knee holes in their boys' pants :) We also love using the rugs on our family game nights and bringing them along for movies in the park.

Used widely in classrooms at schools and daycare centers, Children's Crazy Carpet Circle Seats have also been proven by teachers to help kids stay focused, limit fidgeting and sit still. So if you are looking for ways to help your child concentrate at home, the Circle Seats are well worth a try.

Interested in getting your kiddos their very own Circle Seats? You can use coupon code blog17 to receive 15% off your entire order at (excludes clearance). Please keep in mind that Circle Seats come in a variety of sizes, are available in 19 colors, and can be purchased individually or up to 6 to save even more!

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