How to Stay Away from Insurance Claim Nightmare
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How to Stay Away from Insurance Claim Nightmare

Besides what's required by law, many of us purchase auto or home insurance for the peace of mind that we will get covered financially in certain types of unexpected, unfortunate events. But not all insurance companies deliver what they promise. How can you make a well-informed purchasing decision to minimize the likelihood of an insurance claim nightmare? I'm so glad to have recently discovered a great website called Clearsurance, where you can find authentic customer reviews of difference insurance companies based on the type of insurance you are shopping for.

It's no secret that your insurance company doesn't always have your back when you need them the most. Imagine returning from a vacation to find your house has been robbed, flooded, or covered in toxic asbestos and harmful fiberglass. Sadly, this scenario actually happened to Todd Kozikowski's family. An unexpected home renovation error ended up costing his family their health, home, and resulted in long legal battles — all because the insurance carrier didn't provide the coverage the family thought it did.

Today, Todd has made it his mission to spare others from the same nightmare his family experienced. He and his team recently launched Clearsurance — the world's first company to level the playing field between big insurance and consumers.

It's Clearsurance's mission to help bring transparency to a traditionally secretive industry. Powered by 10,000+ customer reviews and industry-leading financial ratings, Clearsurance is the first ever "Yelp" for auto, home, and renter's insurance. Watch the video above to see how it works.

It is really easy to sign up and post a review at Clearsurance. It's FREE too! You will find the site a valuable source of information whether you are on the market for a new insurance policy or wanna potentially save someone from experiencing the same headache you went through when filing a claim.

I'd love to hear your experience dealing with an insurance company while filing a claim. Was the process smooth? Agonizing? Shocking? Head over to, and leave a review on your insurance company. Your experience may save someone lots of trouble down the line.

Disclosure: I received a free gift in exchange for this publication. Part of the contents were provided by the PR agency representing Clearsurance.

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