8 Hottest PLAYFul Trends 2016
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8 Hottest PLAYFul Trends 2016

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While we are actively seeking ways to prevent the summer learning slide for our children, we should not overlook the importance of letting kids go outside and play during their free time. There are so many benefits associated with outdoor play and summer is the perfect time for not only the kids, but the entire family, to "unplug", get active and have fun with various outdoor activities.

The Voice of Play, IPEMA's (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) initiative for promoting children’s free play and the use of playgrounds, has identified eight hottest PLAYFul trends this year, including an hour a day outdoor play, nature play, rough-and-tumble play, all-inclusive play, adult play, walking, outdoor workouts, and mind expanding games.

Thanks to the pleasant weather in San Diego and our proximity to the beach, nature and outdoor play has already been a regular part of our lives. My boys hardly spend any day without playing outside for a couple of hours, sometimes at the community park, sometimes by the sea, or sometimes in the backyard. I believe free outdoor play is good for both their physical and mental health, as they run around, climb up and down, relax, and have fun. It also helps them develop social skills. My kids made several new friends at the playground, who have become their favorite outdoor playmates.

Our family has also incorporated walking and outdoor fitness into our daily lives. I love to walk in the neighborhood and encourage my kids to join me whenever possible. Running outside is hubby's favorite way of working out and he does that 3-4 times a week.

Do you encourage your children to play outside? Which of these playtime trends are you interested in trying or have you already tried? Learn more about the 8 PLAYFul trends here. Feel free to share your favorite way to play on social media with hashtag #PlayfulTrends and tag @Voice_of_Play.

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