Join Chatterfun in the Celebration of European Day of Languages
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Join Chatterfun in the Celebration of European Day of Languages

Today is European Day of Languages, which signifies the importance of language learning especially in young children. Europe has a strong history of appreciating language as people speaking different languages share their residence on the same continent. In Spain or Belgium, a child can expect to be introduced to a second language as early as three years old while by contrast, the average age for a student to enroll in a foreign language class in the United States is 14. It's a bit hard to believe considering how culturally diverse the American population is.

I always enjoy learning about cultures that are different from my own. I believe that by exposing my children to foreign cultures and languages at an early age, they will become more open-minded, considerate, and creative. Not to mention that mastery of a foreign language is likely to provide them with a competitive edge in the future, as the world continues to grow smaller. That's why I was really excited to run into Chatterfun, whose goal is to help young children develop an interest and passion for language learning, which will be conducive to academic success when the students enroll in a long-term fluency program.

Earlier this week, Chatterfun launched their first Kickstarter project "My First Language Lesson." It will include an activity workbook and CD featuring interactive modules that are designed as first steps in culture and language learning for children ages 3-12. It will combine Chatterfun's well-acclaimed learning lessons (ABC’s with Elly) and educational games (Spelling Bee) into one unified curriculum. The features to the latest version are entirely based on feedback from teachers, parents and students who have already put the programs to test.

Learning should be fun. Foreign language learning IS fun at, where children can explore and play many languages as well as discover and experience the culture. While Chatterfun is not about fluency, it definitely cultures a keen interest in languages and increases the chances of a child becoming fluent in a second language. Currently Chatterfun teaches English, Spanish, French, German and sign language. Backers of Chatterfun's Kickstarter project will have the chance to vote for the sixth language to be included in My First Language Lesson. The founders also plan to add a pirate language module as a fun way for young children to better understand that language is fun and unique.

If you share Chatterfun's vision about the importance of language learning, please help them move their products to the next level by funding their project on Kickstarter! Pledges start as low as $1 and each level is associated with special perks as Chatterfun's way of saying thanks to their backers. My favorite part is that by pledging $49 or more, you will become an official Chatterfun Production Team Tester and you can gift this reward to a teacher, class or educational organization!

To learn more about Chatterfun and the My First Language Lesson, please visit their Kickstarter page and start pledging funds to this ground-breaking project!

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