Finding the Right Tutor for Your Child
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Finding the Right Tutor for Your Child

Now that schools are back in session, more parents are actively looking for ways to help their children achieve academic success. Whether your goal is to let your child go beyond the regular curriculum or to help her keep up with her peers, in-home tutoring is one of the best ways to get the customized guidance your child needs. A good tutor can identify your child's strengths and weaknesses and figure out the best teaching approach that caters to your child's personality and learning style. Yet it is not always easy to find a conscientious, trustworthy private tutor that is also the right fit for your child. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in matching students with the right tutors, such as Ashley Tutors.

For instance, if your child needs an Algebra Tutor, you can go to and fill out a form called "Student Inventory", where you are asked to provide information about yourself and your child including your goals, your child's specific needs, learning style, preferred study environment, personal interests and ambitions outside school. Ashely Tutors will then use your inventory to search for the perfect match from their team of 65 skilled tutors. Therefore the more details you provide, the better chances you will have in finding the right tutor. Ashley Tutors also follows up to make sure the match is a success and keeps parents informed about lesson plans with reports after each tutoring session.

If you live in the greater DC metro area, please consider start your tutor search through Ashley Tutors. Good luck!

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