Kidtoons Candyland The Great Lollipop Adventure Prize Pack Giveaway
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Kidtoons Candyland The Great Lollipop Adventure Prize Pack Giveaway

Have you seen any of the summer flicks? Do you sometimes have difficulty finding a good kid-friendly movie to watch in the theater? I know I do. As a parent, I wish there were more companies like Kidtoons, who has been working hard to bring kid-friendly animated movies to the big screen every weekend.

For the month of August, Kidtoons features Candyland: The Great Lollipop Adventure, plus a special short feature The Busytown Mysteries: The Vanishing Vehicle Mystery.

Here's the synopsis for Candyland: The Great Lollipop Adventure:
Jib, the youngest of all the gingerbread boys is about to go on the adventure of his young life... to bring Mama's special gingerbread icing to Candy Castle for the Sweet Celebration, a festival that ushers in the sweet new candies of Spring. And all Jib has to do is stay on the Rainbow Path, follow his heart, and be on time. But on his way, Jib meets Mr. Mint in the Peppermint Forest and the most fun-loving fellow in all of Candy Land. Jib tries to stay on schedule, but Mr. Mint has other, much more fun ideas!

And the synopsis for The Busytown Mysteries: The Vanishing Vehicle Mystery:
Curiosities are everywhere in Busytown and so are Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo plus Pig Will and Pig Won't. With a learning based blend of humor, six unforgettable friends and many other colorful characters from the amazing world of Richard Scarry's books scour Busytown looking for the answer to The Vanishing Vehicle Mystery.

The Giveaway

Kidtoons has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers an awesome Candyland The Great Lollipop Adventure Prize Pack! Here's all that you can find in the prize pack:
*1 Candyland movie poster
*1 Busytown Mysteries Toy Vehicle (Various Different Versions)
*1 Busytown Mysteries Cars & Trucks Numbers Flash Card Game
*1 Busytown Mysteries DVD (26 Episodes!)
*1 Busytown Mysteries Shapes Stickers

Please use the Rafflecopter form below to submit your entries. A few things to note:

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Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. Giveaway prize will be delivered directly to the winner by the sponsor.

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