Genghis Khan: The Exhibition at Irving Arts Center & Conquer Your Fears Sweepstakes
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Genghis Khan: The Exhibition at Irving Arts Center & Conquer Your Fears Sweepstakes

One of our family's favorite summer activities is to visit museums, which provide a nice escape from the scorching sun outside as well as a fun way to broaden our horizons. This summer, from June 1 to September 30, the Irving Arts Center is hosting Genghis Khan: The Exhibition, featuring over 200 artifacts including gold jewelry, weaponry, silk robes, currency, tomb treasures, a mummy and more--the largest collection of 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever gathered in a single showing!

The highly interactive multi-media exhibit follows the legendary life of a poor, illiterate child as he ascends to Genghis Khan, one of the world’s greatest conquerors and leaves a lasting imprint on modern-day culture. Utilizing video-screens, handicraft and weaponry activity stations and role-playing kiosks, the exhibit aims to create an educational and historical experience for visitors of all ages. It's a must-see exhibition for those who live in or will visit the Dallas-Fort Worth area this summer!

While you visit the Irving Arts Center website for ticket info and events, don't forget to enter the Conquer Your Fears Sweepstakes, where you could win monthly prizes including Six Flags passes, free hotel stays, AMEX gift cards, and an all-expense paid trip to San Diego!

Fun Facts for Inquisitive Minds
  • In just 25 years the Mongolian army conquered more lands and people than the Romans during their 400 year rule. Genghis Khan and his sons united smaller countries into larger ones and developed international borders for countries that still stand today, including China, Korea and India. At one point their empire spanned between 11 and 12 million square miles, across Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Genghis Khan is also noted for his cultural influence on the world, his appreciation of the arts and his
    creation of a stable government. Passports, international borders, the postal system, hamburgers and even pants can be traced back to Genghis Khan’s rule.
  • You might be related! Nearly .5 percent of the world’s male population can
    trace their heritage back to Genghis Khan’s family. That’s nearly 16 million men!
  • Genghis Khan’s burial place is still one of the greatest archeological
    mysteries of our time. The warrior was placed in an unmarked grave in Mongolia. One
    imaginative account states that 800 horsemen trampled repeatedly over the burial site
    to obscure the location of the grave. The horsemen were then killed by another set of
    soldiers so they could not disclose the grave site.

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