The Walmart Ice Cream Social Review #theicecreamsocial
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The Walmart Ice Cream Social Review #theicecreamsocial

Did you get a chance to join the Walmart Ice Cream Social last Saturday? Well, I did. We needed to shop for our Memorial Day BBQ party at Walmart anyway. It would be really nice to grab some free ice cream during our shopping trip. The ice cream social was scheduled between 5pm-9pm at our local Walmart Supercenter, so we arrived around 7pm.

The parking lot was fully packed as usual. It was impossible to find a spot close to the entrance. As soon as we got inside the store, we started shopping for what we needed in the grocery section. I wasn't really sure what a Bright Ideas Station as described on the Walmart event site would look like, but I assumed that I would be able to recognize it once I saw one.

We spent most of our time picking up meat, sausages, and shrimps from the freezers. My husband spotted the Bright Ideas Station before I did, but the store assistant was taking a break at the time. We went ahead to other parts of the store to finish shopping.

A line had formed when we returned to the location for the ice cream social. We joined in the queue and happily waited for our turn.

Each of us received a free scoop of Dreyers ice cream topped with Reddi-wip and Nesquik syrup. I was a bit surprised by the generous sample size. My son was the most excited of all. He was eagerly reaching for the cup while I was taking the picture.

Take a closer look at what I got. Looks yummy, right? I've never had both whipped cream and syrup on top of ice cream before. It was an amazing new experience for me. I loved the creamy, icy, and decadent taste. Knowing that ice cream is my favorite sweet treat, hubby originally offered to save his cup for me. I encouraged him to take at least one bite. He couldn't resist the temptation and didn't stop his taste test until the cup was empty.

While we were savoring our free ice cream on our way to checkout, we were stopped and asked a couple times where we got those samples. I think it would be helpful for Walmart to put up some kind of notice or signage at the store entrance letting more people know about the demo event. I have to say that the Bright Ideas Station wasn't particularly eye-catching and many people might have passed by without knowing what it was intended for.

If you missed the Walamrt Ice Cream Social last Saturday, no worries. There will be another one nationwide on July 2nd. Mark your calendar and locate a participating store near you here.

Disclosure: This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé.

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Mel said...

Yum, that ice cream looks good. I've just recently started putting Reddi-Wip on ice cream, and you're yummy and decadent. Just adds the creamy factor.:)

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