Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season on DVD
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Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season on DVD

Sharing secrets is what makes friends close--so claims Allison (Sasha Pieterse) in Pretty Little Liars, the award-winning ABC Family series based on Sarah Shepard's best-selling mystery novels under the same title. Sharing little secrets maybe one of the common things we do with friends, but friendship alone doesn't really entitle us to any of their secrets. I think it's perfectly okay for friends to maintain some personal space and keep secrets from each other, unless when withholding the truth would be harmful, as in the case of Pretty Little Liars.

Whether a secret can be shared between friends depends on a lot of factors, such as the nature of the secret, the parties involved, and the trustworthiness of the friend as a secret keeper. Keeping a dark secret might be fun to some, but it can be stressful to many. Telling it to a dependable friend would help you relieve that stress and she might even offer some valuable advice to help you resolve your problem. But if your friend is anything like Allison in the show, it's probably dangerous to let her know any of your secrets, because she would note them down in her diary, ridicule you like she did to Emily (Shay Mitchell), or even threaten you like she did to Spencer (Troian Bellisario).

The friendship among the five teen girls in Pretty Little Liars is very unbalanced in that Allison never shares her own secrets with her friends. Keeping those dark secrets to herself not only leads to her tragedy, but also puts her friends' lives at risk. I look forward to seeing how the mystery would continue to unravel in Season 2 of the show, which is set to premiere on June 14, 2011!
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Living in La La Land said...

Love Pretty Little Liars!

Jim said...

Pretty Little Liars is a mystery teen drama television series set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania which features the prettiest and the most popular girls in town who keeps the deepest and ugliest secrets in town. I love this show so much I can't wait till the new season comes out. The show happily announced that it will be returning for the second season sometime this June 14, 2011. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 1

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