Have The Talk & Chance to Win $100!
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Have The Talk & Chance to Win $100!

To encourage parents to have "The Talk" with their teens about financial responsibility, iVillage and Pass from American Express have recently joined forces for a Facebook campaign to raise money for the Junior Achievement Scholarship Fund. It's really easy for you to help them out. Simply go to The Talk tab on iVillage's Facebook page and share the "I Had The Talk" badge with your Facebook friends. For every shared badge iVillage will donate $1 to the Junior Achievement Scholarship Fund, for up to $5,000.

The holiday season is about gifting and giving. It's also the perfect time to teach our kids about saving and sharing. I didn't really have "The Talk" with my son primarily because he is way too young to comprehend it, but also because I believe action speaks louder than words. Instead of telling him that we should give back during the holidays, I took him to shop for the toys we were donating to Toys for Tots and had him put those toys in the donation box. He was excited to know that someone out there would receive a Christmas gift from him.

I also got him involved in choosing and wrapping gifts for his grandparents, his preschool teachers and his best friends. He seemed to entertain the idea that Christmas is gift time for everyone, including himself. He enjoyed being treated like a big boy and helping mom prepare stuff for people he loves.

Do you have any tips about teaching kids the spirit of giving? You could win 1 of 2 $100 American Express gift cards if you share them in a blog post and leave your link at Good N Crazy. But you'll need to hurry because the giveaway ends midnight today. Don't forget to help iVillage reach their donation goal while you're on Facebook!

Disclosure: By writing this post, I'm entered to win a gift card. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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