Know Where Your Kids Are with SecuraTrac GPS
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Know Where Your Kids Are with SecuraTrac GPS

Child safety is one of the most discussed topics during back-to-school season. Every 40 seconds someone’s son or daughter is reported missing, totaling over 800,000 missing children in the United States each year. Parents are concerned about how to keep track of their children while they are out of sight and what steps to take to help shorten the time it takes to locate a missing child.

Have you seen the movie "Taken" (2008) starring Liam Neeson? Kim, daughter in the story was lucky to be found by his superhero dad. But not many parents are former CIA agents. In reality however, we could possibly track our child internationally with the help of a reliable amber alert gps tool.

I was recently introduced to SecuraTrac, a CA-based company specializing in gps tracking devices. Their flagship product is a compact, portable personal automated locator called SecuraPAL. Its slick design allows SecuraPAL to easily fit into a child's pocket or backpack. Using the global positioning system satellites and the mobile phone networks, it can accurately report your child's location to the SecuraTrac network, through which you will be notified of your child's current location at regular intervals.

You can communicate with your SecuraPAL anytime via your cell phone or a secure personalized website. You can also configure your own SecuraFences, per-determined boundaries for your child's movement. The SecuraPAL proactively and automatically alerts you whenever your child goes beyond those SecuraFences.

SecuraPAL is a great child safety and amber alert gps tool  for keeping track of the ones you love. This small, lightweight gps tracking device can be purchased from SecuraTrac website at $129.99 each with a 2-year contract. If you feel the price is a bit beyond your current budget or you'd like to test drive SecuraPAL before you buy, you may choose the option to rent the device at $9.99 per day. You will only be billed for the days in use. The rental rate already includes two-way shipping and handling.

Wish everyone a happy and safe new school year!

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Disclosure: I'm writing this post as a SecuraTrac affiliate. I will be getting a commission if you place an order via my link.

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