Join Crowdtap Now! Test New Products & Earn Cash!
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Join Crowdtap Now! Test New Products & Earn Cash!

Do you love testing new products, hosting house parties, or getting your voice heard by businesses and brands you care about? How about receiving cash rewards for doing what you love to do? I invite you to join a brand new online community called Crowdtap, where you earn points and cash reward (that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards) for doing a variety of fun and easy activities, such as logging in daily, answering polls, chiming in discussions, and updating your profile.

There are different levels of membership determined by the total points in your account. You will have the opportunity to sample products and host house parties once you reach level 3 (2,500 points). From my experience, the points accrue very quickly. The earlier join, the sooner you’ll gain higher status to qualify for the most rewarding opportunities. What's more? Every time you redeem your rewards, 5% of your earnings will automatically go to the charity you selected upon registration, and Crowdtap will match your donation. You can choose to donate the rest for your charity too.

The site is still in Beta. Don't you feel excited about being among the first to try something new?! Sign up today and start earning money for yourself as well as the charity of your choice!

Note: You do need a Facebook account to sign up. But hey, signing up for either site is simple and 100% FREE. Why not?

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allthingsnew said...

Hi! I'd be more than happy to list your low entry giveaways for you...please click on the email me link on every Low Entry Lowdown and shoot me an email with the info. I'll usually put them up the day after you email unless they end much later in the month!

Thanks and blessings :)

Ten Talents...

Crafty Mom said...

great blog! :) can't remember how i got here. :? glad i did though. added you to twitter and facebook. subscribed to your email. GFC won't let me connect (busy). will be back.

would love a follow back if you want. keep up the great work!

Crafty Mom said...

oh, and added your button to my blog :)

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