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Crowdtap Needs You

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Crowdtap. All opinions are 100% mine.


Last week, I told you about Crowdtap, a brand new online community bringing together consumers and brands, who may collaborate and interact via this unique platform. Have you had a chance to Tap In at Crowdtap is actively recruiting new members and YOU are wanted! On Crowdtap, you'll earn rewards for gift cards and a charity of your choice for taking polls, participating in discussions with brands, sharing online content, sampling products and throwing house parties with leading brands. In the meantime, you earn points that enable you to move up to a higher level of membership and enjoy more perks and privileges. You may learn more about how it works from my previous post.

I'm passionate about trying new things and giving my opinion on them. Crowdtap is the perfect site for people like me. I would really love to "Crowdtap" (collaborate) with my favorite brands and help evaluate their new products. In particular, I look forward to "meeting" decision-makers from Apple Computer on Crowtap and advising them to develop more mom- and kid-friendly features for their hottest products. I also hope to have the opportunity to test their products in exchange of my feedback.

I joined Crowdtap exactly two weeks ago and I've had very positive experience so far. I love that it's pretty easy and fast to accrue points for completing fun activities like quickhits (polls) and discussions. You also get rewarded for logging in daily and making daily comments on the discussion board. Once you reach level 2 (plastic), you will be able to invite friends and receive points for doing that. I've already reached level 4 (bronze) and am half way to level 5. The higher your level is, the more reward-earning opportunities you will receive. That's a brilliant structure to encourage member participation.

I urge you to join Crowdtap today and earn $1 just for signing up. The earlier you join, the sooner you will be able to reach a higher membership level and enjoy all the benefits associated with it. Plus, you may donate part or all of your earnings to a charity of your choice. I chose Water upon registration. Which charity would you choose?

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