Radio Flyer World's Largest Wagon Mosiac
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Radio Flyer World's Largest Wagon Mosiac

For over 90 years, the famous little red wagons by Radio Flyer have been a favorite of families and kids all over the world. Boasting more than a dozen award-winning wagon models and a complete line of tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons, Radio Flyer is as synonymous with outdoor play as summer itself. The little red wagon will not only provide hours of fun for outdoor exploration and adventure, it will also bring a lifetime of memories.

Do you own a little red wagon? Would you like to show the world the ways in which you enjoy your little red wagon? Earlier this summer, Radio Flyer launched the World's Largest Wagon Mosaic to commemorate the past, present, and future of Radio Flyer wagons. And you're cordially invited to the celebration! Simply capture your families' Radio Flyer moments on camera and go to to upload your photo and help the legacy of the little red wagon live on!

Disclosure: By writing this post, I'm entered to win 1 of 3 Radio Flyer wagons. No monetary compensation took place.

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