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Lovable Labels BlogHer' 10 Getaway Contest

Have you heard? Lovable Labels is sending one blogger and her friend to BlogHer'10 this summer! What a fabulous giveaway! I had a blast at BlogHer last year in Chicago and would love to attend it again in Big Apple.  Lovable Labels has generously provided me with products to review before. I'd be greatly honored if I were chosen to represent the company I love at BlogHer'10! Interested in learning more about Lovable Labels? Visit www.lovablelabels.ca or read my review of their products.

I sincerely wish I could the lucky finalist on the Lovable Labels team for BlogHer'10, so here goes my blog entry for the "a day in the life of a mommy blogger" category.

Despite its somewhat negative connotations, I enjoy being labeled as a "mommy blogger" because it accurately reflects two major roles I play in my daily life. First and foremost, I'm a mother. Not surprisingly, my daily routine is dominated by child care. I'm also a blogger. Blogging is my hobby, my passion, and my favorite way to get connected with people who share my interests. About one third of my day is dedicated to blogging related activities, such as writing posts, promoting my blog and my giveaways across the web, or reading and commenting on other blogs.

I used to be a night person. I've become a night and morning person since I officially jumped on the bandwagon of mommy bloggers. My day typically starts at midnight, when I start to close giveaway entries, post current giveaways on weekly linky's hosted by fellow bloggers, delete expired giveaways on my own linky, and update my blog with new contents. As a break from all that, I go check on my son, who is going through bedtime potty training. I go to bed when I feel like sleeping.

My son usually gets up between 8:30-9am in the morning. That's when I have to pull myself out of bed and get him ready for the day. Thankfully, my husband prepares his own breakfast and leaves the house without waking us up. After he's fed and fully dressed, I take my son to the neighborhood park, where he meets and plays with other kids in the playground. We return home around noon to have lunch. Then comes my favorite time of the day--my son's nap time.

During the few hours when my world is quiet and lonesome, I can really indulge myself in some leisure time, checking my emails, browsing my favorite websites, entering giveaways, blog hopping, and doing regular maintenance for my blog.

My son calls me back into my mommy role when he wakes up and asks for snack. After serving him yogurt and fruit, I announce the start of his playing and learning time, during which we play and read together with music in the background. We also take a brisk stroll together if it isn't too hot outside. While I cook dinner in the kitchen, my son plays with his building blocks in the living room until daddy comes back home.

After dinner, the whole family watches fun programs on TV or on DVD for one hour. When the clock points toward 10pm, I give my son a warm bath, play some soothing music and watch him go to sleep. My day concludes with some quality couple time with hubby.

There's nothing dramatic or extraordinary in a typical day in my life as a mommy blogger. You may find it boring or uneventful, but that's the way my day goes and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The only wild wish I have is to have more hours in a day so that I can get enough sleep :)

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Lindsay Maddox @SillyMomThoughts said...

I've become a night and morning person since I officially jumped on the bandwagon of mommy bloggers.

Me too! So funny.

Good luck on the contest!

Silly Mom Thoughts

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