Stylit.TV $1,300 Gift Bag Giveaway
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Stylit.TV $1,300 Gift Bag Giveaway

Stylit.TV launches new web series "Techstyle" this week. The pilot episode in partnership with is giving away $1,300 in prizes

"TechStyle", the newest show on Stylit.TV, kicks things off right by partnering with to cover Macworld 2009. Guest host Shira Lazar and editor Victor Agreda selected $1,300 worth of the hottest products on the market to review. Later that day TUAW sponsored Tweetup at Macworld they picked one person, Douglas Allen, to win it all. Now Stylit.TV and TUAW are going to give those same products away to another winner online

Here’s a list of the all the products that one person will win online. Total value over $1,300.

o Commuter Messenger Bag - Rickshaw Bagworks - $180
o Rugged Hard Disk - LaCie - $129
o 1G Pulse Smartpen - Livescribe - $149
o Eyeball Webcam - Blue Microphones - $139
o SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones - Shure - $79
o EazyDraw - EazyDraw - $139
o Ladybug - Vestalife - $109
o Butterfly - Vestalife - $79
o MacBook GelaSkin - GelaSkins - $29
o iPhone Gelaskin - GelaSkins - $15
o BaLens Cap - BRNO - $64
o iTrip Auto SmartScan - Griffin - $79
o PowerJolt SE - Griffin - $19
o Learn the iPhone 3G - It's About Time - $29
o Eco Runner - Marware - $34
o HeatShift Cooling Pad - ThermaPak - $29
o nekFIT Sport - nekFIT - $34
o CoverScout - equinux - $39
o Stylus Pogo - Ten One Design - $15
o Privacy Screen Pro - Case-Mate - $19

To win, just go to Stylit.TV, watch the current episode, and enter. That’s it. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, has a bonus code posted on their site that will give you 40 extra chances to win.

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