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PlasmaCar Winner

I'm deeply impressed by your enthusiasm about PlasmaCar. It's a truly cool toy to have for your kiddo! Special thanks to Arlene(@madly59), who helped me retweet the giveaway repeatedly during my Twitter fiasco. I truly appreciate it!

The very lucky winner of the giveaway is...daer0n...for her tweet dated 9/2 (comment #277). Congratulations! You may want to visit her cute giveaway blog Oh My Giveaway!

I wish I had more than one PlasmaCar to give away. But don't worry, if you're a fan of PlaSmart on Facebook, you'll stay informed of the latest chance to win. Or you may buy one at a discounted price. Read my post on how to find the best deal.

Thanks again for all your support for my giveaways!

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silverneon2000 said...

Congratulations on your prizes.

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