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New TwitterMoms Contest

TwitterMoms has partnered with Horizon Little Blends on a fun blogging contest. The first 100 moms who blog about how they sneak fruits and veggies into their child’s diet will win a Thermos snack jar and a coupon off Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurt as well as a second prize pack to give away to one of their readers. Doesn't that sound wonderful? The offer expires on 10/3, but I'd suggest you enter as early as possible. I bet 100 spots will get filled fairly quickly.

My son loves eating fruits and veggies, so I don't really need to sneak them into his food. But I do make great efforts to diversify his diet by offering him different ways of eating fruits and veggies. For instance, I make fruit smoothies, mix fruits in cereal or yogurt, use finely chopped veggies as dumpling fillings, or add veggie soup as a side dish. I also encourage my toddler to touch and feel fresh fruits and vegetables and ask him to compare the real objects with pictures on his flash cards or in his books. This seems to have greatly boosted his interest in eating fruits and veggies.

Now start sharing your story and be entered to win here.

2 Treasure Hunters :

Cascia Talbert said...

That sounds like a great contest. I make smoothies for my kids too. Sometimes I add some spinach to their smoothies. They can't tell the difference.

Lori A. said...

I haven't tried it myself yet but when we were at Costco the other day a guy was demonstrating the Vitamix. He threw in stuff like tomatoes and cabbage along with fruits. He was kind enough to add those when my kids weren't looking (lol!) and they ate it up! They had no idea the vegetables were in there. He even made a banana pudding smoothie with veggies in it. You couldn't even taste them!

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