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Are You A Winner?

Are you eager to find out if you won one of the recently closed giveaways? I have tons of winners to announce today! To leave more space to the upcoming giveaways, I've decided to make a slight change in the way I make a winner announcement. Instead of announcing the winner immediately after each giveaway, I'll report the results of several giveaways together in a single post, like this one. This will have no effect on winner selection and notification. I will still choose winners in a timely manner and contact them via email. Hope this works better for everyone.

This batch of winners are:

Congratulations!!! I feel so happy for all of you.

All winners have been notified and mostly confirmed. js22 actually told me earlier today that she already received her Yoplait Whips! Gift Bag. Enjoy!

Whether you won or not, please keep entering my current giveaways for more chances to win. Please see my right side bar for a complete list. Thank you!
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