Let's Flip for Fall: Ultimate Checklist and Aller-Ease Winner
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Let's Flip for Fall: Ultimate Checklist and Aller-Ease Winner

Thanks to all your wonderful participation, the "Ultimate Flip for Fall Checklist" is finally here! Is your tip on the list? Check it out--
  1. Wash furniture slipcovers and throws that aren’t on your bed and snuggle up withclean, allergen-free blankets.
  2. Keep your dryer vent clear: Excess lint in the dryer vent will cause extra dust to be released into your home. Speaking of laundry, flip those laundry loads quickly to avoid mold and mildew.
  3. Take down mini blinds, or at least while the curtains are washing, wipe blinds
    clean of all dust and debris. While you’re at it, wash windows and seal windows
    along the edges.
  4. Change air filters, vents and maybe even call in the chimney sweeps!
  5. Clean the entire house using disinfectant, but especially don’t forget the phone
    and door handles that are often overlooked. Steam clean the carpet as well.
  6. Create a Flip for Fall checklist for all the areas in your home (hall closet, master
    bathroom, beds, pantry etc.). Once an area has been cleaned, check it off and
    include the date.
  7. Clean out old items in the garage and attic, and get seasonal decorations ready.
    Use bins to organize by holiday or season so that you can easily locate them.
  8. Go through kids clothing and have them do a fashion show to make certain that
    everything fits. Clean their closets while everything is out.
  9. Make sure your flashlights have batteries and stock up on emergency candles.
  10. Change the look and feel of your home with simple changes like hanging a fallthemed
    welcome sign or changing your doormat, bring out seasonal candles, table
    decorations and even placemats.
Since great minds think alike, there were considerable overlaps among the tips that had been submitted. Aller-Ease has decided to enter all those that submitted the same or similar tip chosen for the checklist into a random drawing. The 10 Ultimate Checklist winners, the best video winner, and the most activity winner will be announced next week. Stay tuned!

We do have a winner for my Aller-Ease giveaway that ended last night. Among all the entries collected from my first two Flip for Fall posts, comment #82 was chosen by random.org. Heather @The Penny-Pinching Mama, you won! Congratulations!!! You will receive your Aller-Ease bedding set just in time for the allergy season.

For those who didn't win, you can still have 2 more chances to win at My Four Monkeys and Pretty Pink Momma. Both giveaways end tonight. Hurry!

Plus, from 9/21 to 10/30, Aller-Ease is giving away 25 Aller-Ease Deluxe HMT pillow protectors, 10 Aller-Ease Deluxe HMT pillow protectors with Allergen Barrier Pillows and one grand prize of an allergy-proofing bedroom makeover for the entire home (up to four beds). Find out how you can enter to win here.

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