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Free 500 My Coke Rewards Points & Cash Giveaways

TwitterMoms has partnered with Sprite to give away 500 My Coke Rewards Points to everyone who installs the Sprite/TwitterMoms Back to School widget and blog about their back-to-school tips. In addition, Sprite is giving away up to $100 cash every 10 minutes until 8/31. You may use code 100876829464 to get one free entry into the instant win sweepstakes. The code is limited to one use per person, but can be used by different people. Alternate entry method is also available in the official rules.

I don't have many great Back to School tips to share, but I do recommend comparison shopping on line before you hit any physical store. Personally I prefer to purchase based on necessity rather than sales. I found it saves more money that way. It's also a good idea to prepare yourself or your kid into the "study" mode at least a week ahead of the first day of school. For college students, buy used books in good condition to save big! I had very positive experience with and

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Night Owl Mama said...

Thanks for the reminder I have a slew of points there I need to use up on something

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