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Toy Giveaway on Twitter is hosting a fun Twitter contest this week. You need to follow the steps outlined here to win:

1. Create a registry with at least 5 products on the website;
2. Use to shrink the link to your registry
3. Ask your friends on Twitter to help you retweet your message including @toycoupons @yourtwittername tinyurl link to your registry and #wttoygiveaway. The more RTs you get, the more points you accumulate.
4. The top 9 players will receive toy prizes.
5. Contest runs between 7/6 and 7/8

My dear readers and twitter followers, I need your help to win the contest. If you retweet the following message once bewteen now and midnight tommorrow, you'll get 3 extra entries into each of my current giveaways!!!

RT @luckytoddler I wanna win the @toycoupons contest Pls help me by RT! Thanks a lot!!! #wttoygiveaway

You may use your extra entries anytime by the end date of each giveaway, but your tweet had to be between the time period specified in this Twitter contest. Thanks in advance and hope you'll be one of the winners too!

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