A Different Kind of Chocolate-A Guiltless Treat
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A Different Kind of Chocolate-A Guiltless Treat

I can never resist the temptation of chocolate, so I jumped on the opportunity to test out the TerraPass Climate Change Chocolate, the first of its kind in the chocolate kingdom. For the first time in my life, I can feel good about eating chocolate not only because it pleases my taste buds but also because I'm treating our planet while treating myself! How can that be? My initial reaction to the name was: what's the connection between chocolate and climate change? It's beyond my wildest imagination. I got the answer from the packaging: For every chocolate bar purchased TerraPass will purchase 133 lbs of verified carbon offsets (which is the average American's daily carbon impact on the planet). No wonder it's noted as "chocolate with a daily dose of carbon offsets." What a novel way to help save our planet!

I received two flavors of chocolate bars to sample: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. They are both of premium quality...simply delicious!!! Hubby and I were practically fighting for the last square off each bar. They were GONE within a few minutes! Hubby kept asking where we could buy more of these. I love the creamy silky texture. I also love that it's not very sweet. Am I being weired? I love sweets that are not sweet:)

In additon, the Climate Change Chocolate has very interesting wrappers! They are made of recycled paper and decorated with 15 colorfully illustrated tips for reducing your carbon footprint. Here's my favorite: Hanging your washing outside on a fine day instead of using the clothes dryer saves electricty and money too! This is so true. I often wish there were more space/facilities that allow us to air dry our laundry.

If you love chocolate, you certainly don't want to miss out this one-of-a-kind TerraPass Climate Change Chocolate. "Reducing your carbon footprint just got a whole lot tastier!" Isn't this wonderful?

Many thanks to Extraordinary Mothers and TerraPass for this yummy review opportunity!

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kiddiescorner said...

Great cause while eating my favorite thing...chocolate. Thanks for that review I'll be trying it out soon!

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