Girly Giveaway Extravaganza
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Girly Giveaway Extravaganza

I'm fairly late to this great blog party--Girly Giveaway Extravaganza at Mama Makes Money. There are already 21 giveaways as part of this event (8 closed), and the list still keeps growing. It's not too late to jump on the wagon! Now comes the long list of girly giveaways~~
  • Win one of three necklaces from Pesthouse (Ends 4/13)
  • Win a pair of Vivid Pink Lace Boyshort Panties from Adea (Ends 4/14)
  • Win a $20 gift card to Janey Mac Press (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a Journal from Destaspages (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a $15 gift card from Bangerang Bake Shop (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a $10 gift card from Shana Logic (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a Face Smoothing Gel or Weekend Sampler Kit from Become Beauty (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a Fairytale Dozen from Fairytale Brownies (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a Set of 3 Purses Vinyl Decal from WordCandy Vinyl (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a brown Golla laptop sleeve from Kolobags (Ends 4/23)
  • Win a pocket mirror from iszle (Ends 4/25)
  • Win a $20 gift card to Running with Scissors (Ends 4/25)
  • Win a $25 gift card to (Ends 4/25)
  • Win a pair of guitar pick earrings from The Jewelry Dream (Ends 4/30)
  • Win a trio of eyeshadows or foundation from Beauty by Saria (Ends 4/30)
  • Win a lipstick and lipgloss from Marina Cosmetics (Ends 4/30)
  • Win a Simply Chic or Eye Candy Collection from Carolina Pad (Ends 4/30)
  • Win a $35 gift card to studio jk vinyl (Ends 5/1)
  • Win a shapewear item of your choice from n-fini Shape (Ends 5/2)
  • Win a package from HAPPYBABY (Ends 5/2)
  • Win a package from Dapple (Ends 5/2)
  • Win a $25 gift card to Rainbow Swirlz (Ends 5/5)
  • Win a $25 gift card to Lemon Lollipop (Ends 5/5)
  • Win a pair of This Ilk earrings (Ends 5/5)
  • Win a Melissa Beth Designs Luxe Pink Laptop Sleeve (Ends 5/5)
  • Win a Mixbaby headband (Ends 5/9)

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