The Benefits of Getting Children Involved in Adopting Pets
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The Benefits of Getting Children Involved in Adopting Pets

Getting a four-legged friend for your home is an important decision that calls for the input of everyone in the family, including the younger members. If you are considering adopting a pet, I'd strongly suggest getting your kids involved in the entire process from finding the perfect pet for adoption to taking care of the new pet at home. This is especially necessary if your child is the one who asked for a new pet in the first place. And there are quite a few benefits for doing so.

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1. Recognize the significance of saving lives.
Adopting a pet usually means saving it from being homeless or being euthanized due to lack of space in a shelter. By providing a lovely animal with a loving home, you'll not only enrich your own life, but may also save the life of another animal in need of shelter space. That's why 'saving lives' is often cited as one of the top reasons for adopting pets. You can take this opportunity to teach your child about how the adoption could make a positive impact on the lives of those animals and how it would make our own lives more meaningful.

2. Learn about the basics of decision-making.
Choosing the right pet to adopt for your family is the perfect exercise for developing decision-making skills. You may discuss with your child which breed you prefer. For instance, Chihuahuas make a highly sensible choice in San Diego because the warm, agreeable weather suits them really well. Besides, Chihuahuas are super cute and great with children. You and your child can search online for Chihuahuas available for adoption in your vicinity, attend a meetup or visit a shelter, until you find the one that is meant to become a part of your family. In the process, your kid will learn how to prioritize, how to weigh pros and cons, how to justify a decision, and things along those lines.
Chihuahuas for Adoption
3. Learn to take responsibilities.
A new pet to your home will bring along a lot of responsibilities and commitments. Let your child take a share or even take the lead in fulfilling those responsibilities, such as walking the dog, grooming, feeding, potty training, visiting the vet, etc. Kids will not only learn many essential life skills along the way, they will also likely learn to appreciate all the things that their parents have done for them. They may even strengthen their bonds with their parents because of better understanding and because of sharing the care-giving responsibilities for their beloved pet.

4. Enjoy the rewards for being a caregiver
Taking good care of your pet is a most rewarding experience. Your pet will bring tons of fun and joy to your home. It will shower you and your child with love. And it will make a loyal friend, a cheerful companion and an energetic playmate for your child.

5. Follow a more active lifestyle
Most dogs need daily exercises. Chihuahuas, for example, require at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Your children can unleash their pent up energy and enjoy fresh air while walking the dog, jogging with the dog, or playing with it on the beach. They are likely to follow a more active lifestyle in the long run. Plus there are many more health benefits of adopting pets that you may be happy to find out.

What motivates you to adopt a pet? How will adopting a pet benefit your life? I'd love to know. Please feel free to share your thoughts and add to the list of benefits in the comment section below.

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