eShakti FX: New Custom-Styling Option to Design the Dress as YOU Want It!
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eShakti FX: New Custom-Styling Option to Design the Dress as YOU Want It!

Fashion shopping can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Have you ever spotted a dress you love but wish the crew neck were v-neck, the sleeves shorter, or the dress longer? eShakti, the online boutique known for their made-to-order clothing for women, can turn your wishes into reality with their custom styling options. Better yet, their exciting new feature called FX allows you to easily visualize what your custom made dress will look like until you find the design that you really want.

Now when you browse the dress collection at, you will notice a little green FX symbol on the upper right corner of some of the pictures. All items marked with this symbol are those with the FX custom-styling option. Let me show you how it works in an instant.

For instance, you are interested in getting this Colorblock Cotton Knit Asymmetric Hem Dress with the FX option. When you are on the product page, simply scroll down to "Step 3: Customize It To Your Style". Besides the custom styling options, which are pretty standard with most items on eShakti, there is a picture that will change as you change your selection. It's easier than ever to see what the dress will be like with different design combinations!

Since I prefer a higher neckline, I choose "High V". I would also like the sleeves and the dress to be shorter, so I select "Elbow Length" and "Knee Length". The picture now shows the dress in my preferred style.

What if you want a side-by-side comparison across different styling combinations? Simply click on the "Save This Style Below" button under the picture, and all your saved styles will appear below. Under each saved style, there is a "Select" button for you to make your final decision when you are ready to order.

I had tremendous fun playing with the FX feature. It's amazing to see all the possible styles a dress may turn into.
Look for a new dress made just for you in the new year? Go to today, check out all the cute designs they offer, and don't forget to try out the cool FX feature to find your favorite style!

Disclosure: I am entered into a blogger contest for posting this review.

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