The Splendid Baron Submarine Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway
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The Splendid Baron Submarine Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

Have you ever gone on a real treasure hunt, the kind that requires you to travel to a remote island and search deep into the ocean for a sunken pirate's shipwreck? Are you interested in trying out some of the world's coolest inventions despite the fact that they may sound weird at times? What's the craziest adventure you've ever had? I bet it's nothing like what Waldo Baron, or W.B. as he prefers to be called, has gone through during his summer vacation in The Splendid Baron Submarine, the latest installment in Eric Bower's The Bizarre Baron Inventions series. Learn more about this unique book and enter to win a themed prize pack!

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was so exciting and entertaining to follow W.B. as he took a fun ride under the sea in a steam-powered submarine or across the desert in a horseless carriage, in the company of not one, but three amusing ghosts visible only to him, for the most part of his journey. The story cleverly combines adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and humor. Each character has their distinct personality traits. Not only are the ghostly figures rather friendly and funny, but even the villains are a significant source of hilarity for the readers.

My favorite things about The Splendid Baron Submarine are the author's incredibly humorous writing style and his wild imaginations, without which such a fascinating story wouldn't be possible. I couldn't help but chuckling throughout the book. It's amazing how many of the funniest parts are told in a calm, serious tone that makes them all the more hilarious. This is the book to pick up if you are looking to relax and have a good laugh. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates fun adventures and a witty sense of humor.

About the Book:

The Splendid Baron Submarine
Written by Eric Bower
Illustrated by Agnieszka Grochalska

Waldo “W.B.” Baron is back with another amazing adventure in another incredible invention! Pirate treasure? A clandestine meeting? A terribly rude monkey with personal boundary and hygiene issues? Two of those things sound like a dream come true to W.B, whose clever inventor parents are hired―by the Vice President!―to go on a super secret and intensely important treasure hunt to repay a national debt. If only it weren’t for that lousy, rude monkey, it would be the beginning of a perfect adventure. But at least it isn’t squirrels…

The treasure hunt gives the Baron family the opportunity to use their exceptional steam-powered submarine, freshly biggened and ready for adventure! But things are seldom straightforward for the eccentric Baron family, and this treasure hunt is no exception. W.B.’s trademark bad luck has him suffering monstrous marine misfortune and marauding monkey misery.

Can the Baron family embark on their newest adventure without the eggy and depressing Aunt Dorcas? Will the Barons find the treasure they seek? Will they save the country from financial ruin? Where does the monkey fit in, anyway? Do we like asking questions? Not really, but inside you’ll meet someone who likes asking questions and then answering them (despite his claims to the contrary, he really does like it).

Oh, did we mention the pirate’s curse?

Ages 9-12 | Publisher: Amberjack Publishing | November 14, 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1944995256

About the Author:

Eric Bower is the author of The Bizarre Baron Inventions series. He was born in Denville, New Jersey, an event of which he has little recollection, yet the people who were there have repeatedly assured him that it happened. He currently lives in Pasadena, California. His favorite type of pasta is cavatappi, his favorite movie is The Palm Beach Story, and he is the proud recipient of a “Beanology Degree” from Jelly Belly University in Fairfield, California. His wife and family have told him that the degree is nothing to be proud of, since “It’s not a real degree. You know that . . . Right?” and “Eric, they literally give them to everyone who visits the Jelly Belly factory,” but he knows that they’re all just jealous.

Visit Amberjack Publishing to learn more.

One lucky reader will win a The Splendid Baron Submarine themed prize pack!

It includes:
  • A copy of The Splendid Baron Submarine, by Eric Bower
  • A The Splendid Baron Submarine themed gift pack. Includes some pirate-themed goodies, Go Fish, and ghostly treats as well.

Giveaway ends December 15, 2017, at 11:59 P.M. MT. Open to US 13+ only. Please enter for your chance to win below. Good luck!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a free book to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are mine. Giveaway is organized by The Children's Book Review and sponsored by Amberjack Publishing. icefairy's Treasure Chest is not responsible for winner selection or prize fulfillment.

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